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Educational Children's Dental Health Video Message from Xlear

Did you know that February is National Children’s Dental Health Month?  Personally, as a mom of children with teeth that we plan to keep healthy, it's my responsibility to consider the dental health of my children not only in February but on a daily basis. Now, getting the gleeful cooperation of my children is another story!

Thank you to Xlear for providing informative resources with product samples to facilitate this review.

Keeping informed as to the newest research and findings pertaining to children's dental health is an endless task. It is always a welcomed bit of advice to get the scoop from another parent in-the-know about such things. Our family recently had the opportunity to try SparX Xylitol Candy and Spry Tooth Gel with Xylitol.  Both products are manufactured by Xlear Inc., the leading source of xylitol products available on the market today. To share the message of the importance of practicing good dental health habits, Xlear has released a fun video for families! 

The increasing numbers of parents being informed at their dentist’s office of the need for extensive dental work for their young children is concerning. Teaching our kids proper dental hygiene and practices is sometimes too little too late. Take a look at Xlear's video showcasing some of the most effective ways to help your kids to keep their teeth healthy and strong.

For those times when the craving for candy and sweets gets the best of kids, we were really satisfied with SparX Xylitol Candy. Aside from the fact that SparX is a sugar-free candy sweetened with the sugar substitute xylitol, I enjoyed the convenient, portable 30g. container and the available flavor selection of Berry, Fruit and Citrus candy. The candy is sweet and fruity without sugar and reducing the risk of cavities. 

Our toddler was so kind as to give up his favorite toothpaste for a day to try the Strawberry Banana Kid's Spry Tooth Gel which is all-natural, flouride-free and safe for kids from the age of 3 months. He struggled to adjust to the softer consistency of the gel toothpaste which "tastes juicy". For the sake of avoiding dental caries and preventable dentist visits, we are glad to now be in-the-know about xylitol.

Xlear’s xylitol products are available at Whole Foods, Vitamin Shoppe, local health food retailers and online.