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How To Best Communicate The 5 Love Languages in Your Relationship

The words "I Love You" are very easily said, however, how do you you show your love for other people very near and dear to your heart? Reflecting back on one of the more thought-provoking books that I have read, The 5 Love Languages written by Dr. Gary Chapman offers valuable insight into the dynamics of relationships. It is certainly a worthwhile read for everyone as we all are immersed in relationships with spouses, family and friends worthy of  loving to the fullest extent. Here are a few resourceful ideas you can use to learn how to best communicate the 5 Love Languages in your relationship.

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How To Best Communicate The 5 Love Languages in Your Relationship

In his widely acclaimed book, New York Times Bestseller, The 5 Love Languages, and the companion Love Nudge for Couples app, Dr. Gary Chapman launched a movement that enabled millions of readers to learn a more effective way to communicate their feelings of love with spouses, siblings, significant others, family and friends. Communication being a two-way street, it is equally important to be able to identify and understand the other person's love language in order to best express your love in their language and vice versa. The concept is not complicated but the engagement requires mutual commitment.

The 5 Love Languages - Dr. Gary Chapman

Words of Affirmation

Sharing words of affirmation as a loved one's language requires your empathy and the ability to see the world from the other person's perspective. Say the words that you know that he or she longs to hear and matter most to them. Hear and receive their love as words of affirmation are spoken as an expression of their love for you in return.

Quality Time

An effective expression of love by sharing quality time involves both parties being physically and emotionally present in the same time and space. The investment in quality time with our spouses, our partners, our families and friends is often times worth more than words can say. Also, keep quality time available for loving moments affectionately presented to you.


Sometimes the investment in heartfelt gifts may be the way in which our companions express their love. Sincere efforts to graciously be accepting, appreciative and acknowledging of these gifts is important. We will also at times demonstrate our affections by offering gifts that are closest to the hearts and happiness of our mates.

Acts of Service

Performing caring acts of service sometimes is perceived as an undervalued love language. An action that may be considered as par for the course by one may have evolved from a world of sacrifices from another. Clearly express your loving motivations leading to your actions and see the merit in your partner's acts of service.

Physical Touch

Love is one of our most essential emotional needs. Undeniably, the language of physical touch is an extremely interpersonal bond that speaks volumes in the simplest of gestures. The power of a passionate hug or tender touch can provide the empowering strength needed to pay it forward in love.

Here are some talking points to help to you and spouse to better communicate with one another in your love languages.

  • How does my spouse or loved one most often express their love to me?
  • What does my spouse or loved one complain about most often?
  • What does my spouse or loved one request most often?

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