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Wellness from Power Packed GoMacro MacroBars Natural, Organic Vegan Nutrition

Sometimes we find a company or possibly a product that's flying completely under the radar, yet deserves mainstream media attention. Hopefully, we can all do our parts to shine the spotlight on this family-run, natural food company originally in the organic farming industry. Making the decision to offer our families and ourselves the most natural, organic food available to us is a major move toward healthy living. I'm more than excited to share this commitment to wellness with the wonderful team at GoMacro, a small company "dedicated to making the best tasting food with the highest quality ingredients."

Thank you to the GoMacro team for providing product samples for the purpose of facilitating this review.

I have to admit that GoMacro is almost too good to be true. Our family is very selective when it comes to new food experiences. Tried and true favorites are usually staples in our home. Many times, the really healthy  ingredients featured everywhere as being key to proper nutrition, just never seem to score with our family. Surprisingly, introducing GoMacro was a very different experience. The winning factor, in my personal opinion was the incredible assortment of macrobar flavors available. There is such a diverse variety of selections of macrobars to choose from and almost certain to appeal to everyone's individual preferences.

What exactly is a MacroBar? Created from the nutrious goodness of grains, seeds and fruit, the MacroBar Mini contains a special blend of slow-release carbs and fiber, combined together with vitamins and minerals for health, wellness and energy metabolism. “Many snack bars available in stores are filled with unhealthy and artificial ingredients and often these bars are not filling,” said Amelia Kirchoff, cofounder of GoMacro with Jola Sonkin. “The MacroBar Mini contains complex carbs and healthy fats, so you can feel satisfied and control calories at the same time.” 

GoMacro's MacroBar Minis are currently available in 11 popular flavors, which are guaranteed to regulate hunger and give a burst of natural energy. The MacroBars are USDA organic, non-GMO project verified, kosher, gluten-free, soy-free, vegan certified and made with Infant Safe brown rice syrup.  The 100-calorie mini bar, offer the great taste and nutritional benefits in a smaller proportion serving size beneficial to healthy weight maintenance goals.

Here's another too good to be true fact about GoMacro- "everything we make is 100% vegan, USDA certified organic, certified non-GMO, Gluten-Free, and made from mostly raw ingredients. At our core, we believe that everything we put in our bodies should have a beneficial impact." The five core principles of the GoMacro brand, as they continually strive to offer products that have a positive effect on the world, are macrobiotic, vegan, wholesome, sourced sustainably and gives back. I feel like I should instantly qualify for the Mom of the Year Award just for knowing about GoMacro!

GoMacro MacroBar Minis are available in these assorted flavors-

* peanut butter chocolate chip
* peanut butter
* cashew butter
* cashew caramel
* sunflower butter + chocolate
* almond butter + carob
* banana + almond butter   
* sesame butter + dates
* granola + coconut
* apples + walnut
* cherries + berries

GoMacro is generously extending a special one-time discount to all niecyisms and nestlings readers. Visit GoMacro and enter the promotional coupon code “BLOGGER” at checkout for a discount of 40% off your first order.

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