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got social mediology? The Internet Doctor Debunks Social Media Myths

Social Mediology is the marriage of social media and psychology. Being somewhat knowledgeable in both fields, I tend to think, yes, I've got social mediology. Explained by The Internet Doctor, psychology could prove insight into how people could behave on these platforms to increase their chances of business success. With that being said, living the ever-changing life of a social media influencer, I'm all in for a little additional social mediology.

I know all too well the old adage, reminding readers to never judge a book by its cover. This book grabbed my attention with its title, got social mediology? Using Psychology to Master Social Media for Your Business Without Spending a Dime. The author is none other than The Internet Doctor, Jay Izso, Psychological Business Consultant, Social Mediologist and Psychology teacher. In this informative book, The Internet Doctor helps with debunking the social media myths. 

* "Social media is just a passing fad, not a business tool."
* "Social media takes way too much time."
* "People with money aren't on social media."
* "My clients don't use social media so I don't need to play there."
* "My business is doing fine without is, so I don't need it."
* "Social media is the total answer to success for any business."
* "To be successful, I have to use all of the social media platforms."

Author Excerpt

Posts, pokes, pins, pluses, and tweets. Oh my!

If you are like most businesspeople, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the technology, language, and culture of social media. What should you be saying on these platforms? How often should you be interacting? And do you really need to be on every social media platform out there?

With a witty style and no-nonsense attitude, Got Social Mediology? dispels the myths, gives the real scoop, and provides businesspeople everywhere with all they need to customize a social media marketing plan that's right for them.

The book's approach is simple but revolutionary: by understanding the psychology of the social media user and focusing on creating authentic relationships rather than engaging in paid-for advertising, you will be able to grow your business on social media, far faster than ever before and without emptying your marketing budget in the process. That is good news for business owners everywhere.

Get ready to discover how social media for business can be free, effective, and, yes, even fun!

From the marketing of start-up entrepreneur to the multi-million dollar corporation, the information, techniques and principles presented in got social mediology? are useful tools to help to expand your branding potential and increase your visibility and social media impact. Personally, as a Social Media Influencer, got social mediology? is a definite keeper for my professional development library.

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