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Top Picks Summer Essential Survival Guide from New Home Innovations

How did you spend your spare time growing up as a child? My justification for sharing some of my stellar retail shopping finds is also my qualification. I grew up in a family of passionate, competitive shoppers. This is what I do, it's what I know. I am always in search of the next best thing and I pay the lowest possible price for the highest quality merchandise. 

Thank you to the team at New Home Innovations for providing me with complimentary products for the purpose of facilitating this review.

I was once told that I have a magnetic attraction toward anything labeled "new". Having recently discovered New Home Innovations, I have found some really cool items to get our family  through the summer. We love the PolarGel Advanced Cooling Gel Sensation Pillow Pad . The cooling gel pillow pad extra large size, measures 12" x 22" in size and covers a standard sized pillow, secured with 2 non-slip straps. The PolarGel Pillow Pad is helpful in regulating your body temperature for a cooler sleep, it is soft to the touch and can be refrigerated or put in the freezer for optimal cooling. The pillow pad also wipes clean with a damp cloth and folds easily for storage or travel.  

We inserted the pillow pad into his pillow case, secured by the two elastic non-slip straps included in the package. The PolarGel Adavanced Cooling Gel Sensation Pillow Pad feels cool to the touch and we used it at room temperature. Unlike myself, perpetually in my Snuggie, our tot tends to become overheated during sleep and awakens with his face all flushed and his hair damp and plastered against his face. My first observation was amazement at how well rested he was after sleeping comfortably. My son woke up without the usual rosy cheeks and while his hair was tousled into the usual bed head disarray but not damp at all. 

Our home is in a rural mountainous area and rarely becomes hot enough to justify using air conditioning. This works well for everyone with the exception of my husband. When the heat gets the best of him, the Cooling Scarf/Headband was really helpful to get him to chill out a little. We first soaked the small, lightweight scarf in water for a few minutes. After the gel crystals inside of the scarf had time to fully absorb the water, we put the scarf into the freezer for about 5-10 minutes for a real chill. 

The cooling gel scarf was a bit frozen, requiring a little handling to comfortably secure around your neck. Be prepared for a very refreshing cooling experience. My husband was very comfortable with the cooling gel headband on his forehead, I was freezing! I wasn't prepared for the intense relief from the heat. Amazed by the efficient cooling effect of the cooling gel scarf, my husband fell asleep immediately after securing the headband across his forehead. 

Surrounded by grass and trees, insects are very much at home, in and around our home. We have many times looked longingly at our neighbors enjoying evenings outdoors in the fresh, mountain air with their trusty bug zapper right by their side. We were very excited to try the Pest Sentry Indoor Insect Killer. We used the bug zapper where we spend the majority of our time, sitting on our front porch. It performed as expected, the light bulbs are bright and attracted bugs and "zapped" them. We haven't used the bug zapper indoors yet, however I imagine the results will be the same. The collection tray is simple to remove and clean after each night use and we find the product to be quite efficient and well made.

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