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Women Take Muay Thai Training Classes in Thailand to Lose Weight on Vacation

Travel is one of my greatest passions. Experiencing life in an exotic locale, that I find as both new and unfamiliar is thrilling. Along with the thrill of traveling, comes the risks associated with being an outside influence within a traditional setting. Cultural awareness, preparation and personal self defense are essential factors to incorporate in travel planning. Sharing an informative guest post offering important travel planning tips and advice on personal safety, SuWit Muay Thai gives valuable information to consider when planning your next vacation. 

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One of the most unimaginable incidents that can happen to either a man and woman is to be unexpectedly attacked suddenly. Adding insult to injury, even more unimaginable, is the inability to respond to this unprovoked attack adequately. Far too many people believe that if there is a confrontation between a man and a woman, the female stands less of a chance defending herself against a man considering the physical body constitution, size and strength of most men. 

Theoretically, there's truth to this thought process, considering that in most cases men are usually more powerful than women and they are also bigger. This disparity does not necessarily mean that women can not adequately protect themselves. Many women and men use various items for protection, such as pepper spray, knives and handguns, but improper use of these items can sometimes become very dangerous and lead to compromising situations. In addition, depending on the situation, it is sometimes difficult to find and access these items in your bag quickly enough to properly use them. These risks are reasons why many people decide to join a Muay Thai training camp to learn some of the most efficient self-defense moves.

Muay Thai is an intense combat sport and martial art that is especially useful for self-defense purposes. One of the reasons Muay Thai boxing is becoming very popular among women is the fact that this martial art can help them protect against an approacher that is taller and bigger in stature. Prepared with moves, grips and positions learned in Muay Thai training classes, students will will skillfully master techniques to protect and fight off any attacker. Advanced classes demonstrate methods to successfully put the attacker in a joint lock or choke with other higher level manuevers.
Perfecting the Muay Thai trainig is not the only reason women dedicate a signifiant portion of their vacation in Thailand at SuWit Muay Thai camp. Muay Thai is known as a highly effective fitness activity, beneficial to those looking to lose weight or to get in peak performance shape. Incorporating Muay Thai is an useful opportunity to detoxify your body by speeding up your metabolism while relaxing both your body and your mind.

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