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That Time I Let The Peanuts Movie Peanutize Me into The Peanuts Gang

This summer I had the pleasure of attending the Blogger Bash conference in New York City. Of the many spectacular moments, we were privileged to meet the charming cast of The Peanuts Movie following a screening of the movie trailer. Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the Peanuts Gang are pop culture icons and the upcoming movie, while given a vivid, modern updated look, is sure to entertain both new and classic fans. So, tell me what you think about that time when I let The Peanuts Movie "Peanutize Me" into the Peanuts Gang.

 As much as I would love to share this as an exclusive opportunity available only to a select few- nope! Head on over to Peanutize Me to turn yourself into your very own personalized Peanuts character. Peanutize Me allows you to personalize your character with facial features, hair, clothing, accessories, and The Peanuts Movie background of your choice to download and share via social media. 

Now it's your turn, I shared that time when I let The Peanuts Movie "Peanutize Me" into the Peanuts Gang. 

Let's see your customized Peanutize Me Peanuts character! Join the gang!