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Help Life is Good #GROWtheGood and Support Kids in Need

How can I help? Those four simple words can be the vehicle for great steps toward change. I'm sharing this philanthropic announcement to celebrate World Teacher’s Day, Monday, October 5th and share the ways that Life is Good is honoring teachers. As an educator and a parent, I take advantage of every opportunity to express gratitude toward educators that work to make a positive impact every day. Life is Good recently asked teachers, “What makes you connect with a child?" Responding from the heart, their replies demonstrate an commitment to #GROWtheGood.

Life is Good asked teachers, “What makes you connect with a child?"

How can I help? Very simply, share this video with your family and friends, showing some special love to those special teachers by sharing or tagging their name and story with #GROWtheGood. Let's start a movement! The more we share the message, the more financial support we will generate. Kindly, for every use of the hashtag #GROWtheGood, Life is Good will provide one dollar of support to help kids in need.

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*The #GROWtheGood $1 donation program for kids in need runs on Twitter and Instagram only, through 10/31/15 11:59pm EST or up to $150,000.