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Double Your Givebacks! Recycle and Donate Toys to Kids with Second Chance Toys

How awesome is it when you get a bonus perk? If ever I see the word, "bonus", you have my attention. With that being said, "May I have your attention, please?" Here's how you can double your giveback. As the story goes, Second Chance Lance the robot was donated to Second Chance Toys and given a “second chance” to find a new home and love from another child. Here's the bonus, Lance has a new home and he was also recycled because he was not just put into the trash. Giving back to one another and our planet makes our world a much better place for everyone. We've learned how we can double our givebacks. Let's recycle AND donate toys to kids in need with Second Chance Toys!

Double Your Givebacks! Recycle & Donate Toys to Kids with Second Chance Toys

"Our goal is to create a movement dedicated to donating toys to children in need and keeping them out of landfills so that local communities in the U.S. and beyond are participating in our collections." 

- Second Chance Toys

Second Chance Toys (SCT) is an organization that we have had the pleasure to support in their commitment to "keeping plastic toys out of landfills by donating them to children in need. SCT only accepts toys that are made from plastic. All donated toys should be clean, and gently used. Please make that there are no small pieces or missing parts. Any pieces that are able to fit through the opening of a paper towel roll are too small, and a choking hazard to young children. Battery operated toys are accepted, however, the batteries should be working or included with your toy donation.

The process of giving away some of their favorite toys, past or present, is not always easily done. Many times, seeing these toys once again will spark renewed interest and memories of fun times, recreating emotional connections once again. With our preschooler, we first discussed how much we enjoyed a particular item and its enjoyment in our lives, then we considered how sharing with other families would be a really generous act.
My son agreed to donate toys that we had already began the process of separating with by packing them away, out of sight and out of mind. When we were ready to donate his toys, we collected the packed toys and talked about how important it is to give to others and the fun side to recycling, a bonus perk!

 "By providing the necessary resources, step-by-step instructions and facilitating essential connections with local organizations, Second Chance Toys is working to empower a growing number of individuals and groups to create their own local collections." 

Learn more about toys donations, toy collections and donations with fun resources from Second Chance Lance and Second Chance Toys.