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Mom Entrepreneurs Inspire Organization with Comprehensive Day Planner Business

How often do you find yourself overwhelmed by the demands of juggling one or more busy schedules? Addressing the needs of multitudes of multi-taskers, similar to themselves, the creative team fueling Bailey Craft Planners- Yolanda and Katherine have developed the Simply Yours Day Planner. Following extensive research and development, these enterprising moms have invested their time and talents into an organizational day planner fully functional in our active lifestyles. 

"As mothers, wives and professionals, being organized in our daily lives is essential. We pride ourselves on being able to set goals and understand the small steps it takes to achieve them. We want to share our tool with you. Our purpose is to make a change in the life and daily tasks of women. To assist them with having a more organized life. Keeping you in the know, keeping you focused, keeping you organized and keeping you on track. Trust us! We understand it all and the Simply Yours Day Planner can help you the way it helped us."
- Yolanda & Katherine

"Mompreneurs" is the trending term used to recognize the increasing business concept empowering mothers to gain financial stability and independence while pursuing long-term goals by owning their own businesses as a primary or secondary stream of income. The benefits of working as an entrepreneur, including the ability to establish your own brand and corporate vision is liberating, yet not without risk. Building a customer support base via word-of-mouth marketing and Kickstarter campaigns are essential techniques required to engage and encourage new customers to shop with small businesses.

Acquiring professional experience from dedicating more than 12 years in the field of Occupational Therapy, Yolanda and Katherine have a proven track record of helping thousands of individuals and families along on their journeys to become more efficiently organized. With the Simply Yours Day Planner, we have an understanding of how organization, functional systems and a well thought out plan are key to being able to balance all the things that life throws at us."

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