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Loving Message of Family and Faith in Who Loves You Most of All? by PJ Palu

What is your favorite moment of your day? Bedtime with our toddler is a special, magical time for us both. I adore the sweet, clean scent of his freshly shampooed hair as he winds down from a busy day. Mostly, I cherish knowing that in a matter of moments, his big, brown eyes will slowly close as he drifts off to a peaceful sleep, allowing a well-deserved rest for this wearily loving mom. In the charming, children's book, Who Loves You the Most of All? from author P.J. Palu, a mother and child's bedtime conversation reflects upon the answer to this simple question.

The brilliant, glowing illustrations of this endearing story begin with little Joshie's mother asking him, "Who loves you most of all?" Joshie reflects on his relationships with Mommy, Daddy, Uncle Jack, and other family members. Gently, his mother reassures Joshie that indeed, all of those people love him so very much, "But Joshie, who loves you the most of all?"

A delightful read for toddlers and young readers, Who Loves You the Most of All?, will appeal to more mature readers, as well. The beautifully illustrated book explores faith and spiritual love as compared to the love of family members, as well as a love of nature's sunshine, stars and even ice cream. Joshie's understanding of love nurtures a sense of self-awareness and self-esteem in young children, and encourages the conversations and discussions within families and close circles.

"This sweet bedtime story is a powerful tool for parenting that parents will enjoy reading to their children as much as the kids enjoy hearing it. It connects young children to the Source of All Love and fosters spirituality and true happiness at a young age. Who Loves You the Most of All? teaches children one of the most important lessons they may ever learn."

Who Loves You the Most of All? is available on Amazon (aff link) as a free Kindle giveaway from December 14-18, 2015.

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About the Author

P.J. Palu is a poet and philosopher whose writing weaves together his experience as a parent and his career in religious and spiritual studies. Drawing from universal divine truths, Palu has rededicated his life to crafting a series of children's books that infuse lighthearted bedtime stories with heartfelt life lessons. He is a native of St. Louis, MO.