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Savor the Flavor- America's Top 10 Favorite Holiday Comfort Foods and Recipes

Broiling, braising and most especially baking! This is officially my favorite (and most edible) time of the year! In our home, preparing holiday meals is an extremely important tradition in my family, treasured since I was a little girl. With a front door that was always open during the holiday season, we'd always make our favorite veggie casserole and warm, buttery golden cornbread for visiting family and friends. I always loved the smell of everything browning and bubbling in the oven, it just feels so right. 

Thank you to Del Monte for sponsoring this post with promotional product and their recently published their Del Monte Comfort Food Index, which ranked the Top 10 Holiday Comfort Foods for the purpose of facilitating this advertorial.
Savor the Flavor- America's Top 10 
Favorite Holiday Comfort Foods & Recipes

I recently partnered with Del Monte, the well-known makers of premium canned vegetables and many other food products, to share with you some fun stats on what comfort foods Americans love to eat during the holidays

Percent of Americans Who Feel "Comfort" by Eating the Food

1. Potatoes (Mashed or Scalloped)- 84%
2. Pies- 82%

3. Baked Goods (Cookies & Muffins)- 81%

4. Macaroni & Cheese- 75%

5. Cakes- 71%

6. Casseroles- 69%

7. Stews and Hearty Soups- 68%

8. Meatballs (With or Without Pasta)- 65%

9. Sweet Potatoes (Mashed or Cut)- 61%

10. Cornbread- 60%

How does your family factor into this delicious and nutritious statistical data? Throughout the holiday season, we have prepared pretty much all of these dishes on the menu in our kitchen. We love recipes with potatoes in our household, and quick and easy casseroles are always a "fam fave" too. Who doesn't love a good casserole?

Searching for recipe ideas from  Del Monte America’s Recipe site, I discovered some tasty recipes to try out for this year's holiday feast.

Cheddar Corn Casserole may be the ultimate holiday comfort food. You can even add turkey, or ham if you prefer, to make it into a complete meal.


Another popular holiday meal that I have yet to prepare is Green Bean Casserole. In fact, it's not surprising to hear that 57% of Americans find it comforting and nostalgic to eat green bean casserole. While I'm certainly one of these folks, maybe this year will be the year...

Let's talk about pie. Could you imagine eating a fruit pie everyday. Del Monte's Peach Slab Pie recipe is so easy to make, I'm excited to give it a try! My favorite part is that the yummy crust is mixed into the pan, it doesn't get much simpler than that.

So, just how important is comfort food during the holidays?  46% of Americans agree that their family "shows love and comfort through food." Find more of Del Monte's top-rated, family-approved holiday recipes like these on Del Monte America’s Recipe site.

Hey Faves! I'd love to hear which of these recipes you will add to your holiday dinners! Let me know right here in the comments below. Nom Nom!