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How One Lucky Duck Modeled a Rubber Duck Nostalgia And Novelty Business

Who among us has never had the pleasure of owning the classic yellow rubber duck that we all know and love? Rubba Ducks are taking the nostalgia and novelty of the little duckies to the next level. Meet the company showcasing the world's premier rubber duck collectible, for duck lovers from 3 months old to about 110 years old, since 1997. Do you remeber who was your first rubber duck? I'm pretty sure you couldn't even begin to guess who that generic, anonymous duck bobbing about was. I can tell you that our first Rubba Duck was "a real Joker", Chester was his name.

My tween was "hatched" on April 4th, during the last days of my pregnancy, I was adamant about not having an April Fool's Day baby. Either way, I delivered a real joker into the world and the Rubba Duck Chester is an ode to my son's spirit animal destined to find the true essence of tomfoolery in every and any situation.

Chester – "A Real Joker"
Hatched: April 1

"Remember, funny is
what funny does
and tickling a funny-bone
is a jester of good will.

That’s what it’s all about –
Quacks & Giggles.
Well, that and the hokey-pokey.

Rubba What?!"
Established in 1997, Rubba Ducks stands as the first company to design characterized rubber ducks, creating, producing and manufacturing the highest quality rubber ducks available for collectors all around the world. Standing as innovators in their niche of collectibles, the Duck Group is on a mission to spare no effort in creating premium products that meet an exceed the "highest level of design integrity, attention to detail, and of course quality". This committment to quality and originality has earned Rubba Ducks the distinction of being, "The World's Premiere Rubber Duck Collectible."

"Our ducks are made to be "a lot like U, and a lot like me” so every Rubba Duck is handcrafted to be special in its own unique way!"

"Get" Lucky!

Hatched: March 17

The duck model
to all the Rubba Ducks.

So lucky he’s kind of green.

Believes everybody
should get Lucky –
that way he can be
everyone’s lucky charm

Our most recent addition to our collection is the pioneer, the duck model that launched the Rubba Duck business, we had to "Get" Lucky. My youngest son, is a typicl youngest kid and notably one  little lucky duck. Celebrating his March birthday just days before Lucky, these two were meant to be together. We have created our Rubbba List, a Rubba Duck wishlist, to include Deisha the Geisha inspired international-themed duck for my daughter, Mommy D. and Daddy D. to complete our Rubba Duck family.

Each Rubba Duck is-

* Approximately  5" L x 3" W x 5" H 

* Designed for Ages 3 Months to 110 Years Old

* Weighted & Sealed to Float Upright Without Retaining Water and Bacteria

* Phthalate-Free PVC Materials

* Uniquely Designed in the USA and Hand-Painted in China with Lead-Free Paint

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