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Little Kids = Big Business for Trending Toys at New York Toy Fair

That moment when hard work equals fun and play. Each year, I bundle up to face NYC's wicked, wintry weather to meet with some of the biggest, newest and coolest toy brands at the North American International Toy Fair. This major event attracts scores of industry leaders and newcomers to the exhibition floors of New York City's Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. The highly anticipated annual trade show event is owned and produced by the Toy Industry Association, Inc. (TIA), "the authoritative voice of the North American toy industry". Ironically, my kids are subject to living vicariously through my experiences at the Toy Fair, as no kids are allowed to attend. However, knowing that little kids equal big business, this year featured the debut of Play Fair ay the New York Toy Fair, a family-friendly, toy industry event where companies, consumers and collectors come together. Imagine a massive two-day play date with thousands of new friends. Popular characters photo ops, strategic games, maker toys and hi-tech gadgets for all ages amazed attendees. 

The Toy Fair is the quintessential hub for everything and anything focusing on kids, play and fun times to showcase the newest and trendiest innovations, however, with big business deals and corporate sales taking priority, kids aren't permitted to enter the festivities on the exhibition floors. From the internationally-known companies to fresh-out-of-the-box start-up ventures, both local and international brands showcased classic and new concepts to the industry. Marketing with the TIA in the midst of the fast-paced NYC flow is a stand and deliver occasion for toy companies.

Competitively presenting some of the top trending kids toys on the market, the toy fair previews the newest concepts in collectibles, STEM/STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering Art and Mathematics) learning, Maker Technology incorporating the use of gadgetry and mechanics, fitness and movement, technology, books, games books and the increasing popularity of gender fluid toys. Research and development meets strategic marketing as toy companies pitched their niche as representing trendsetting concepts in child development through play and exploration.

Trending Toys at the New York Toy Fair 

Engaging consumers with compelling, new products, the Toy Fair challenges toy industry brands to meet and exceed current toy trends to create quality entertainment for kids that translate into big business, and with that comes the important part, big fun! 

Yes, Teddy Ruxpin is preparing for his big comeback in 2017! Look forward to seeing many other classic names such as Precious Moments, The Cabbage Patch Kids, Betty Spaghetty  and so many other favorites to relaunch. It looks like business is doing pretty good.