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HGTV Design Expert Jillian Harris Dishes the Dirt on Spring Cleaning

How does she do it? Getting the to know some of the tips and tricks of celebs is always of interest to so many of us as we strive to attain our personal life goals. Recently, HGTV host and former Bachelorette Jillian Harris shared valuable advice as she dishes the dirt on spring cleaning with Mr. Clean products. Fans are well aware of the fact that Jillian has been an interior design enthusiast long before her reality TV appearances on The Bachelor and Bachelorette. This spring, Jillian has partnered with Mr. Clean to share with her fans a typical day in her life and dishing the dirt on the ways that she uses Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to save time and effort while cleaning. 

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HGTV Design Expert Jillian Harris 
Dishes the Dirt on Spring Cleaning
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"We all know Mr. Clean Magic Eraser can clean scuffs off walls, but did you know that Magic Eraser can be your dirty little secret for cleaning tough messes all around the house? It works on appliances, countertops, even sneakers!"

 As the bare branches of the New york City trees transform into lively green spring buds and flowery cherry blossoms, Jillian Harris, invited us into a day in the life of an interior design expert and mom-to-be. Jillian explains, "Today I'm in New York sharing tips and tricks on how to clean the house in no time, which is so important because we are adding another human being to our lives soon! I've been using Mr. Clean for awhile now - we use it in our business and at the house, but mostly we use it because its a no brainer. You can get so much done is such a short amount of time without having to put a ton of elbow grease into it!"

Entertaining family and friends makes for fun times, cleaning and preparing beforehand is a completely different story. Take note of Jillian's advice for prioritizing for a quick 10-minute cleaning- "I always focus on the kitchen because that's naturally where everyone hangs out. I shove a lot of stuff in the junk drawer and I use the Magic Eraser - it's so funny how much of a difference it makes just getting rid of those little scuffs and those little nicks around the baseboards. I also like to spot wash the walls and make sure the island and counter tops are totally cleaned off. I'll grab some fresh flowers from outside if it's that time of year, light a candle and sometimes open up the windows just to allow a little bit of fresh air in."  The secret to entertaining success, "If you have wine out, nobody notices how messy your house is!"

Spring cleaning very often leads to home improvements and renovation projects. "Renovations are hell to go through - that's why I recommend most people to go on our show because they don't have to live through the renovation. We're in and out in 6 weeks." The opportunity to have Jillian Harris and HGTV walk into your home for major a Love It Or List It, Too renovation project would be  a dream come true for millions of homeowners and viewers. 

"However, doing a nice big purge and clean before a renovation can really help you live through it. Then, when the renovation is done, most of that dirty work of purging is already done. Before a reno, go through each room and toss or recycle anything you know that's not going to make it back into that space so that you're not hoarding junk and having to deal with it later."

Preparing for a new baby and caring for their dog, Nacho the 75-pound Boxer, has presented new challenges in maintaining their home. "It has been a little bit harder with the dog- we have a big white linen couch and we have to take the covers off every 2-3 months and wash them which we didn't have to do before. And we wash our sheets once a week and we have to bleach them, but, for the most part, it hasn't been that bad. We're just going to see how it is with the baby and when we have to replace something we'll replace it with a beige or a light gray."

"I find that people never have enough time to just sit around a campfire with their parents or have coffee with their cousin in the morning. I really enjoy that time with my family. I've been very lucky to have different levels of success in my life and for me, the money part doesn't bring me any more happiness than before when I was in debt. It doesn't change anything for me so I'm going to keep on doing things that make me happy and that still allow me to live a balanced lifestyle. Right now looking to the future, I'm looking forward to being a mom and actually doing less. I also love blogging and want to keep that up!" 

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