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7 Super Tips and Tricks to Know About Starting and Mastering Your AntFarm

Creepy crawlies are not exactly my kinda crowd, however I have two boys that are extremely fascinated by buggies and science- from a distance. We live in the mountains and do our best to maintain a peaceful coexistence. We respect their territory outdoors, meanwhile, we defend our territory indoors. Any intruders in non-compliance with our peace treaty is subject to disciplinary actions. As per my homeschool companion, "Busy" our preschooler, they are "released into the wild". Good luck with that, buggy! Quite ironically, we welcomed a whole host of Bearded Harvester Ants into our home. Yeah, we did that! All for the sake of Homeschool Happenings.

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7 Super Tips and Tricks to Know About 
Starting and Mastering Your Ant Farm

Happy 60th ANT-iversary to Uncle Milton Toys and the Genuine Brand Ant Farm! I had the exciting experience of celebrating at the New York Toy Fair, where the three new collectible 60th ANT-iversary edition Ant Farms were introduced. Featuring stunning, unique ant worlds of the future, the product line includes Antes Mountains, Ant Canyon and Antopia Rainforest. We were able to connect all three of the Ant Farm habitats together to create one mega display of interconnected ant farm life.

Here are our 7 Super Tips and Tricks to Know About Starting and Mastering Your Ant Farm.

1. Place your order for your live ants prior to setting up your ant farm, as ants may take up to 5 weeks to be delivered to your home. Be sure to know all of the retailer's delivery terms and conditions for your specific area and location. 

2. Read all provided information with your any farm prior to beginning the set-up process. Review and inspect all enclosed supplies and be sure to have any additional supplies required available for use.

3.  Test the openings to ensure that your ant farm features and easily accessible feeding port and ensures an escape-proof design. Add the required amount of clean sand to the ant farm for tunneling and mounding in ant hills.

4. Add clean water to the sand so that the sand is damp, not oversaturated or soggy, with a few beginner tunnels established. When the live ants arrive at their destination, they will probably be hungry and thirsty, it is recommended to add just a little more water to the habitat. Secure any ant way connector tubes connecting to additional habitats and find a stable place to observe the ants at work and play.

5. The ants have arrived! Hurray! Now the fun begins. Our ants arrived in a small tube with instructions and a little food included. We were advised to keep the tube inside of our refrigerator for approxiamtely 15 minutes prioir to introducing to the ant farm habitat. Place a small piece of fruit inside of the ant farm for those hungry ants to feast upon in their new home.

6. Carefully and quickly welcome the ants into the new ant farm habitat by removing the escape-proof cover and then opening the lid to the tube of live ants. Gently shake the tube of ants into the ant farm. Add the ants as quickly as possible to avoid escaping ants. 

Important - Do not handle or touch ants directly under any circumstances, as they may possibly bite or sting in defense.

7. Did you know that myremecology is the study of ants. Visit Uncle Milton Toys to celebrate their 60th ANT-iversary, for additional information and Genuine Brand Ant Farm purchasing details.

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