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Make this Switch for Dental Hygiene Health and Wellness Benefits

Okay, let's consider making a big dental health switch. Would you give up your favorite toothpaste for a toothpaste made with coral? Yes, sea coral. Coral minerals have been used since ancient times as dietary supplements valued for their unique trace minerals. Coral contains calcium, in addition to 73 other essential minerals, providing wellness benefits to an increasing number of health-conscious consumers, while supporting evidence is currently pending. Coral Kids Toothpaste and Coral White Toothpaste is innovative in dental care for its use of coral minerals as the developers of the first coral-based toothpaste for consumer use. Are you ready to make the switch?

Thank you to team from Coral Kids Toothpaste and Coral White Toothpaste for sponsoring this post with promotional items for the purpose of facilitating this advertorial coverage.

Make this Switch for Dental Hygiene 
Health and Wellness Benefits

“Early dental care is crucial, but it shouldn’t come at a cost to children’s overall health and well-being,” states Coral LLC Managing Partner Jason DeWitt. “Coral Kids Toothpaste’s distinct coral and Xylitol formulation delivers powerful dental protection naturally in a fun flavor without the chemical additives. Consider the switch to coral!”

My five-year-old son is very particular about his toothpaste. It was a pleasant surprise to find that making the switch to Coral Kids Toothpaste was no big deal! Little brushers can make the switch to Coral Kids Toothpaste, available in Berry Bubble Gum flavor, specially formulated with Ionic Calcium, EcoSafe™ coral minerals, and Xylitol to maintain proper dental hygiene, fresh breath, and a neutral pH level, while deterring cavities and decay. Uniquely created, Coral Kids Toothpaste includes no harsh chemicals or artificial flavors and colors, no fluoride, an no glycerin, therefore less concerning if accidentally swallowed.

Adults may consider switching to Coral LLC’s Coral White Toothpaste, also formulated with ionic calcium gathered from EcoSafe™, above-sea coral, combined with hydrogen peroxide for gentle whitening. Coral White Toothpaste is available in Mint and Tea Tree flavors. 
Providing customers with "product quality, consistent inventory, innovation, customer programs, and excellent customer service" are highly valued commitments from Coral LLC.

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