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Big Travel Adventures in the Miniature Marvels of Gulliver's Gate NYC

Prepared to visit for an hour or so, we only wished we had a week to explore the intricacies of the mini world within Gulliver's Gate. Based upon Jonathan Swift's classic tale, Gulliver's Travels where Gulliver happens upon a wondrous miniature world, New York City's Gulliver's Gate captivates visitors through the magic of technology, engineering and creativity beyond measure. My kids were in their happy place in the midst of our big travel adventures in the miniature marvels of Gulliver's Gate in NYC.

Thank you to Gulliver's Gate and the promotional team for the courtesy of providing media admission for editorial content purposes.

Big Travel Adventures in the Miniature Marvels of Gulliver's Gate NYC

"This Little World Changes Everything"

Expanding the reaches of a complete city block in width, each of the miniature replicas of iconic destinations from around the world, is no less impressive than the original works of wonder mimicked. Detailed to precision, Gulliver's Gate models are recreated in a scale 1:87 ratio. What exactly does this mean? In layman's terms, a replica of a 6 foot tall person would be represented by a 0:8" fully detailed, 3-D printed miniature figurine.

Photo Credit: Gulliver's Gate
"The exhibit will include miniature scale models of well-known sites and places from our world, and fictional worlds, connected by train tracks and highways featuring all manners of transportation known to mankind – from horses and elephants to hot air balloons,  jet planes and space shuttles."

"Little People And Things Are Fragile! Please Don't Touch!" Gentle reminders to discourage the temptation to reach out and touch the miniature marvels. Resisting the urge to reach out and touch these amazing creations was a challenge for us all, finding the teeny, tiny, Plant Me Garden and the hands-on Make A Model areas thrilled my 6 year-old, as his gigantic hands planted and uprooted trees to his heart's content. 

We made a splash, while enjoying the interactive video feature at Niagara Falls. Adding to the fantasy of the interactive- yet untouchable models, concealed within the scenic displays are cleverly disguised nods to pop culture, commonly referred to as Easter Eggs, encouraging a search with a closer than usual eye for details. We were more than halfway through the exhibit before a Navigator informed our family about all of the extra little surprises to search for within Gulliver's Gate.

Keep an eye out for plenty of these Easter Eggs hidden in plain sight throughout the exhibit, including Santa, the Sta-Puff Marshmallow man, Spiderman, Wonder Woman, Snoopy, and even the creepy, masked character from all of the Scream movies, making special appearances. We missed quite a few eggs before we knew to be on the lookout, so I've been formally put on notice that we shall return to Gulliver's Gate for another magical key to complete our mission. 

Dreaming of their moment to shine as model "Citizens" of Gulliver's Gate, my sons are banking their bucks to have themselves each 3-D scanned and micro-recreated as citizen figurines. Your mini figure entitles you to exclusive Gulliver's Gate citizenship complete with your own passport allowing for future visits at special Citizen admission pricing.

Photo Credit: Gulliver's Gate
"Besides welcoming all as Citizens, we are very interested in building a community of supporters and contributors to help us develop the display. Whether you have your own miniature display, or you have ideas for scenes or storylines, let us know what you would like to see in our display. We have no shortage of ideas, but we have so many possibilities that we want the best ideas from everywhere to make Gulliver’s Gate a more unique, ingenious, and exciting destination."

Perhaps my sons will make it big and become Gulliver's Gate Citizens for all the world to see. Follow your dreams, kids! Highly recommended for the entire family, visit Gulliver's Gate online for admission ticketing information and additional details.

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