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Listen to Learn Audible Launches What Were You Thinking?

Parenting often requires hardcore life lessons. Prime example of one of my finest moments derived from my years of professional experience as an early childhood educator- "we were given two ears and one mouth in order for us to listen twice as much as we speak". Real truth spoken here. Embarking on a new personal development project, I chose to listen more selectively to creatively curated content as I listen to learn. Audible launches for release their new series, What Were You Thinking? Inside the Adolescent Brain. Parenting a teenager is a mind-boggling experience. I've decided that one of us will have to step up their game and its best if it's me. That's what I'm thinking.

Thank you to Audible and their promotional team for the courtesy of providing pre-release media access for editorial content purposes. 

Listen to Learn Audible Launches What Were You Thinking?

Living life in the midst of raising a teen, without hesitation, I will admit to anyone that asks (even folks that haven't asked), this is a true test of character. Mind boggled to my very core, I'm not exactly certain who's character development is tested more, parent or child. Either way, I've been (repeatedly) assured that there is a period of calm following the stormy climate adolescence sometimes brings about. 

Facilitating a brilliant, educational and entertaining, new audio series, What Were You Thinking? delivers valuable insight and understanding into teen thought patterns of developing teenagers connecting scientific brain research findings. Profiling actual adolescents relating actual life-changing decisions to hack computers, plan violent attacks, practice self-awareness, with the goal of gaining a greater understanding of what they were thinking at that point in life. Noted journalist, Dina Temple-Raston, hosts candid conversations with friends, family, and teens themselves, incorporating current scientific findings on adolescent brains to explore innovative methods affecting the adolescent decision-making process. 

Take a look at the captivating series episode list for What Were You Thinking?

Band of Brothers

Abdullahi Yusuf went from winning Minnesotan high-school football player to ISIS recruit in less than a year. He opens up publicly for the first time on how his search for identity ended up in radicalization. Plus, leading scientists explore why Abdullahi’s brain may have been hard-wired to make these decisions.

Being Worthy

Ryan Green explains how the thrill of hacking and being considered “elite” prompted him to hijack 77,000 computers at once. And a look into how the adolescent brain’s hunger for the “feel good” chemical, dopamine, drives young people to push boundaries and take risks.

After Riley

Seemingly happy high-schooler Riley Winters, killed herself at age 15. It was one of many suicides in Colorado Springs that year, a sharp increase that showed no signs of slowing. In this episode, we travel to Riley’s hometown to talk to friends and family, and find that suicide is more complicated than depression.

Virtually Addicted

Hear the private thoughts of Felix Graham, a British teen struggling to redefine himself after quitting the internet games he spent countless hours playing. Plus, we travel to South Korea where the government is providing programs and feedback to young people who are over dependent on smartphones and internet gaming. And finally, we hear from neuroscientists about how neuroplasticity may make adolescents susceptible to addiction, but also more likely to be able to rewire.

You’re Not Alone

Dillon Cossey felt isolated and alone… until he turned to the internet to connect with other victims of bullying which led to him poring over sites about school shootings. Not long after, he was arrested. In this episode, we see how chronic bullying can change the adolescent brain and, along with other significant factors, can lead to violence. Also, we hear from Sue Klebold, mother of one of the Columbine High School shooters.

It Isn't Spirituality, It's Neuroscience

We visit programs that help adolescents make better choices, including a Moroccan morchidat center that helps counter Islamist radicalization and a NYC high-school teacher focused on “mindful fitness.” Finally, we go deeper into the science of the adolescent brain and the role white matter plays in its evolution.

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