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Award-Winning True and the Rainbow Kingdom Returns to Netflix

What are you planning on binge watching? Discovering that we have missed out on all of the excitement of the premier season, my son and I have plans to catch up on True and the Rainbow Kingdom. Brilliantly, bubbly this Netflix Original preschool series produced in collaboration with Pharrell Williams' i Am Other, returns to Netflix for a promising second season. Our family had the exciting opportunity to invite a few friends over for an exclusive sneak peek of the new season of award-winning True and the Rainbow Kingdom's return to Netflix.

Thank you to the promotional team for True and the Rainbow Kingdom for the courtesy of coordinating a promotional Rainbow Screening Launch party for editorial content purposes.

Award-Winning True & the Rainbow Kingdom Returns to Netflix

True and the Rainbow Kingdom takes us along on the adventures of 8-year-old True and her BFF- Best Feline Friend, Bartleby the cat. Together they team up to lend a helping hand throughout the Rainbow Kingdom, colorful home to a cute and colorful bunch of friends.

True is everything you’d want in a hero- she’s brave, smart, and never misses a beat to call upon the power of Wishes to help out someone in need. She tackles problems head-on and never misses an opportunity to dive into an adventure. Everyone wants to be True’s friend, and it’s no wonder… because she’s got the biggest heart and the brightest smile in all of Rainbow Kingdom!

The Wishes are powerful little beings who live in the magical Wishing Tree as cute little yellow orbs until they are called upon by True. Once Wishes are activated by True, they reveal their unique personalities and incredible abilities. The Wishes are always eager and willing to do whatever it takes to help True save the day and bring peace and happiness to the Rainbow Kingdom.

Grizelda & Frookie- Every kingdom needs a princess, and Grizelda is happy to take the throne as self-proclaimed royalty, along with her adorable pooch, Frookie. Most people may be put off by Grizelda’s edgy and often superficial personality, but close friends such as True are able to look past Grizelda’s outer appearance to see that she’s just another girl who wants to be appreciated and understood.

Rainbow King- “Goodness, greenness! What a lovely lavender morning!” Rainbow King not only brings colors to this magical kingdom; he also speaks in colors! This truly whimsical ruler is forever light-hearted and always optimistic. He’s the embodiment of love and kindness. No one knows exactly how old Rainbow King is, because his wisdom extends to the beginning of time while he possesses a youthful exuberance for all things beautiful and colorful.

Bartleby would follow True to the ends of the Rainbow Kingdom… as long as there aren’t tempting distractions like Fishy Poof Crackers and sunny napping spots along the way. Bartleby’s quick wit and charming personality go hand-in-hand with True’s playful attitude. These two besties are a fun-filled force to be reckoned with!

Zee is slightly bookish and a bit of a homebody who’s obsessed with anything to do with Wishes, which makes him an excellent Wishologist. True may come dashing into the Wishing Tree with a monumental problem to solve, but Zee always knows how to calm her down and helps her figure out how to ask for help from the Wishing Tree. True wouldn’t be able to save the day without Zee’s cool demeanor and expert Wish knowledge.

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