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You Might Be CRUNCHY If...

Calling me a "Crunchy Mama" has never been anything other than true fact. We buy in bulk, carry our BPA-free water bottles everywhere we go, have the most amazing wardrobe of hand-me-downs, we reuse, recycle, upcycle, and compost, I cry on the inside, okay, I actually cry real tears anytime I forget to pack up our reusable tote bags when shopping, and we came way too close to setting up a chicken coop in our yard. We actually love granola (pro tip- add sunflower seeds to your homemade recipe), however, we tend to side more on a chewy consistency than a crunchy blend. Crunchy granola-chomping, free spirits reflect the stereotypical embodiment of "crunchy" living. Either way, we're all about that "crunchy", nature-loving, go green, inner creative, earthy life. I'm a "Crunchy Mom" raising "Crunchy Kids". Know what? You might be "crunchy" if...

You Might Be Crunchy If...

You just might be quite surprised to discover exactly how "crunchy" one would classify your lifestyle. So, if you're truly wondering about this "crunchy" way of living, here are 10 ways to determine if you are "crunchy".

1 - You're the go-to guru for all creations designed for and related to wraps, slings, and other baby-wearing devices.

2 - There is no kale chips recipe that compares to your own personal oven-baked goodness.

3 - Lights are on in no more than two rooms within your home at all times when three or more persons are present.

4 - Newspaper (acquired not purchased) has approximately infinity number of uses for your family.

5 - At least one room in your home is either officially or unofficially designated as a Maker Space.

6- You know what a Maker Space is.

7 - School is cool, however, it's far more cool to un-school.

8 - Earth Day is every day in your world. Makes perfect sense, right?

9 - One person's trash is another person's treasure is tatted on your soul.

10- Who doesn't know that the best homemade granola recipe always includes sunflower seeds?

Fun Fact - You might be silky if... you're progressive enough to appreciate the modern advances of advanced research and technology. Understanding the benefits of conveniences such as baby bottles, disposable products, and other lifestyle luxuries designed to refine our lives.

Fun Fact - You might be scrunchy if... you've found a happy medium somewhere right in the middle of these two lifestyles.