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The Reason You Need to Write it Out in Your Journal Every Day

How do you reset your brain? Think about this, we really put our brains to the test each day with all of the information we are required to process. Personally speaking, there have been plenty of times when I have found myself mentally overwhelmed and overdrawn. Seeking an outlet for my frustration, my collection of half-filled notebooks called for my attention. I began incorporating journaling into my daily routine. Always a creative spirit, contentment was discovered as I filled pages with lists, quotes, stories, poetry, and swirly-curly doodles. Soon, this randomness amassed into a restorative habit, where profanity diminished and peacefulness blossomed. Starting out by writing a few days each week, I began to intentionally travel with pen and paper wherever I journeyed. Stress less when you learn the reason you need to write it out in your journal every day.

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The Reason You Need to Write it Out in Your Journal Everyday

Journaling helps to allow space for reflective moments, fun activities, as well as goal setting for adults and little learners. Personal accomplishments through art, coloring, and writing serve to bring about feelings of joy and positivity. Writing and drawing are ways to encourage stronger verbal communication skills in group settings. Technology had made communication easy and instant, making our world extremely interconnected, however, the hand-brain connection of writing has multiple benefits for your stream of consciousness.

Brain Boost - Journaling is a form of creative expression, opening you up to new experiences, ideas, and insights.

Mindful Moments - Enjoying time to journal creates time for mindfulness by actively focusing on your thoughts.

Goal Getter - Creating visual images within a journal serves in much the same way as a vision board, helping to increase the likelihood of striving toward achieving your goals.

Feelings Flow - Opening up yourself to opening up in a journal is an emotion outlet for self-awareness.

Memory Mastery - Thought patterns and ideas manifest from the freeform of journaling strengthening information recall.

Skill Strengthener - Developing the discipline to create designs, lists, stories, or updates creates routine, useful for other aspects of our lives.

Stress Less - Frustration many stems from emotional disconnect, creating in the free space of a journal helps lessen anxiety and stress.