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7 Simple Ways to Grow Gratitude Every Day at Every Age


Mindfulness is magical. Simply amazing to think about how much more we each gain by doing more with awareness. Mindfulness is the practice of being completely aware of and focused on exactly where we are and what we are doing in the present moment. Allowing the past and future to momentarily fade away while we center attention on our present requires practice. Strengthening gratitude and self-compassion, the self care benefits build an inner strength and appreciation integral to nurturing a strong sense of self. During my moments of reflection, I open my mind and heart to take inventory of where I am- simply living and breathing. Try these 7 simple ways to grow gratitude every day at every age.

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7 Simple Ways to Grow Gratitude Every Day at Every Age

1- Encourage kids to spend quality time with family and friends in a caring, healthy space.

2- Eating a balanced, nutritious diet with more plant-based sustenance and less sugar-filled sweets. 

3- Engage in indoor and outdoor physical activities, fundamental to developing a strong body, mind, and heart.

4- Participate in religious or spiritual services to embrace acts of gratitude and charity for ourselves, family, friends, and the world we all live in together.

5- Enjoy nature and its many wonders as a means of reducing stress when faced with overwhelming situations in life.

6- Maintain adequate rest and sleep for optimum wellness, including mindfulness and breathing techniques to transition between activities.

7- Share positive words and thoughts as much as possible for empowerment and compassion to to diminish fear and negativity. 
Photo Credit | Jennifer Cohen Harper
Reinforcing these practices with relevant resources strengthens the connection to welcoming feelings of gratitude. We recently read, Thank You Body, Thank You Heart: A Gratitude and Self-Compassion Practice for Bedtime (affiliate), written by yoga instructor, mom, and mindfulness advocate, Jennifer Cohen Harper. Soothing words and illustrations by Karen Gilmour, reinforce thankfulness, self-appreciation, and aid in establishing nightly calming practices beneficial to mental and physical wellness.                                                                
“There are many things that will shape a child’s relationship with their own body,” says Cohen Harper. “Many of them are outside of our control, but the more we can do to create a healthy identity early on, the more resilient our kids will be when faced with wildly competing messages about their worth. One consideration is that often, as our kids get older, they relate more and more to their body based on the way it looks. Actually, I find the world already relates to my young daughters based on how they look! If we can remember to help kids orient to their body in terms of function and feeling, we can help them become more embodied people, with better self-awareness, and an increased ability to understand and meet their own needs.” 

Include Thank You Body, Thank You Heart: A Gratitude and Self-Compassion Practice for Bedtime (affiliate) as you grow in gratitude every day at every age.

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