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Pillow Fights are OUT! Self-Care is IN for Sleep Wellness You Deserve


I'm a sleeper. At the end of the day, I'm more than ready to snuggle up in my bed and pull up the comforter, close my eyes, and sleep until it's time to pop up to start a new day. Some people are motivated by a delicious meal, I'm motivated by a warm, cozy bed. Recently, I realized that at the end of the day, I struggled to rest comfortably enough to fall asleep at night. Mornings were rough! Without getting proper sleep after a day full of activities, I wasn't waking up feeling well rested. Have you ever felt exhausted and overwhelmed at the very start of your day? How productive can you be if your mind and body aren't refreshed from the day before? Evaluating my routine for changes, I remembered during my bedroom update, I tossed my pillow into the laundry. Not satisfied with the difference in my formerly fluffy pillow, I was sleeping without having a pillow on my bed. Don't! Just don't. Ever. Pillow Fights are out! Self-care is in for sleep wellness you deserve.

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Pillow Fights are OUT! Self-Care is IN for Sleep Wellness You Deserve

Are you in a pillow fight? Imagining bopping and dodging swishing pillows within a cloud of feathers isn't quite the pillow fight I'm referencing. Sleeping on the same pillow night after night puts your pillow through plenty of use and misuse. In time, each time you put your head down, it seems that you are fighting to regain the pillow you once knew and loved. I gave up the fight, gave up my old pillow and invested in finding a truly fantastic pillow to help me get the relaxation and sleep my body needs to kick-start each day. 

My new GhostPillow is the most comfortable pillow that I have ever slept on at home. Providing "supernatural comfort", this down alternative pillow is designed with microgel fibers providing maximum comfort and support, naturally contours to your head, neck, and shoulders without retaining body heat. Allowing your body to relax comfortably is the first step toward putting your mind to rest for a good night's rest. Sleep is essential selfcare we all must prioritize for optimal physical and emotional wellness.

Be honest. Most of our pillows rarely make it into the laundry basket for routine laundering. Before you run to toss the pillow you've been sleeping with for as long as you can remember into the next load of laundry, consider the proper washing instructions, providing it is machine washable. Not all pillows are able to be submerged in water. 

Easily laundered for hygienic maintenance, my hypoallergenic GhostPillow Faux Down Pillow goes into the washing machine for easy cleaning, reducing exposure to germs, bacteria, and many other harmful elements accumulating beneath your pillow case. Ugh! Enclosed safely within an outer cover (1) and inner cover (2) to keep away allergens, after washing your GhostPillow (3), it will fluff right back up to its original state. No more sleep deprived nights on flat, compressed pillows.
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Are you dealing with a fear of commitment? And by commitment, I mean to your new GhostPillow. I've been there, too. We're creatures of habit and sometimes we just want to cuddle up with the pillow that we have come to know and love. GhostPillow believes this is the pillow of your dreams whether you're a side, back or stomach (that's me!) sleeper. Sleep well knowing that you're able to try out your pillow for over 100 days, plus you receive the bonus benefits of free shipping and an industry-leading 5 year warranty for your new pillow. GhostPillow is a product of GhostBed by Nature's Sleep, a Consumer Reports rated brand.

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