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The Self-Care Boost for Body, Mind and Spiritual Wellness You Need Now


Where does self-care rate on your list of priorities? It’s not easy for me to admit, there was a long, exhaustive point in my life I struggled with justifying my personal need to treat myself as well as I treated everyone else. Random acts of kindness were fulfilling because my empathetic heart bubbled with the joy they expressed. While sweetly rewarding, the benefits were short lived, as I eventually was left to embrace my emptiness. Valuing self-care is an overwhelming challenge for so many of us to overcome. Guilt consumed me if I took a shower and lingered longer than a quick 5 minutes. How selfish of me! Taking care of ourselves is an essential part of personal wellness. The good news is that change is easily made by taking small, constant steps toward showing ourselves the care and compassion we deserve. I'm sharing the self-care boost for body, mind, and spiritual wellness you need now.

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The Self-Care Boost for Body, Mind and Spirit Wellness You Need Now

1 No Excuses - Progress is progress. You're off to a strong start as long as you begin making changes. Decide to move beyond the cozy confines of your comfort zone to redefine familiar patterns. Our behaviors are learned and are capable of being unlearned. When making changes, understand that there will be times when the frustration between doing what you want and getting what you want becomes overwhelming. Keep focused on achieving your goals of growing and improving in wholeness. Strive ahead boldly, without self-doubt, negativity, worry, stress, or thoughts of failure. Learn to find purpose in your circumstances, turning adversities into life lessons. 

2. Keep Connected - Bring your family and friends along with you on your journey toward self-improvement. Finding support and encouragement helps you know that you're not alone in taking care of yourself, you’ll thank yourself later. Including resources to provide you with inspiration offers valuable insights prompting you toward a strong approach toward focusing on your goals. The Ultimate Boost from Within - 31 Days to Health, Wealth, Wholeness, and Happiness written by Dr. Leonard Scott is a holistic guide toward integrating self-care for your body, mind, and spirit. Being resourceful is where diligent planning and current opportunities often lead to success. 

3. Establish Parameters - Determine ahead of time how and when you will adjust your routine to accommodate self-care activities. Listen to your body and take action accordingly. When you notice that your ability to concentrate on a particular task begins to level out, try to redirect your energy for a few minutes to reduce feelings of frustration. Set aside dedicated time for calming practices such as- breathing exercises, prayer or meditation, journaling, walking, running, or stretching. "The Ultimate Boost from Within: 31 Days to Health, Wealth, Wholeness, and Happiness provides a no-nonsense approach to life that helps readers look and feel younger and get back on track to health and wholeness."

4. Choose Positivity - Believing that you are capable of achieving your personal best is the first life-changing step toward accomplishing objectives. Life certainly gives us a wide range of highs and lows to face throughout our lifetimes. Will our personal levels of fortitude and endurance be put to the test? Absolutely! Far more times than we could ever imagine. Do those trying times mean that life is just handing you the short end of the stick? Maybe, maybe not, either way face situations head on and keep an encouraging support system to keep you motivated and to share successes with along the way.

5. Treat Yourself!  You deserve it. Place your physical and mental wellness at the top of your list of priorities. According to The Ultimate Boost from Within: 31 Days to Health, Wealth, Wholeness, and Happiness"Aches, pains, lack of sufficient resources, and generalized feelings of inadequacy can sneak into our lives as we approach our latter years. We recognize that there are some aspects of our being that we have little to no influence over, such as our genetic makeup, our parental lineage, the family we have inherited and the legacy that accompanies it and at least to some extent, the country or environment where we reside. However, there are many other aspects in our lives that are affected either directly or indirectly by our efforts. The Ultimate Boost from Within helps you put these efforts to work for you and your overall health and wellbeing."

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