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Are Prebiotics the Wellness Solution for Your Allergy Symptoms?

Allergies, meds, and bundles of tissues have been a bothersome reality for me for almost as long as I can recall. Fortunately (perhaps), my allergy symptoms are only seasonal, recurring with the onset of Spring and Autumn pollen counts, adding in the occasional household dust mite allergy triggers. Managing allergies can become an overwhelming burden, restricting allergy sufferers, like myself to the safe confines of allergy-free zones whenever possible. Multitudes of allergy treatment products are available both by prescription from a physician and over-the-counter. Embracing a new approach to helping relieve allergy symptoms, Dr. Cliff Han, acclaimed biologist has developed a line of prebiotic lollipops useful for addressing causes, as well as, the symptoms of allergies. Providing more and more people with lasting allergy relief with little or no side effects, Dr. Han has had success with a unique prebiotics process. Are prebiotics the wellness solution for your allergy symptoms? 

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Are Prebiotics the Wellness Solution for Your Allergy Symptoms? 

I'm always interested in discovering safe, natural wellness choices to take better care of myself and my family. Here’s what I've learned about how AllerPops lollipops help with allergy symptoms.  According to Dr. Han's research, not having enough oral probiotics will lead to a probiotic deficiency, possibly resulting in allergies and other autoimmune problems. Developing AllerPops with prebiotics helping to support and maintain healthy levels of probiotics which naturally produce a less reactive immune system response around the airway by reintroducing the beneficial oral probiotics. 

The beneficial bacteria relax the immune system so that it will help to fight allergies. AllerPops' line of patented prebiotic ingredients, provide a healthy oral microbiota community from natural ingredients including sugar, amino acid, fiber, and salt useful for triggering targeted oral probiotics.  

Start an hour before a meal, follow these four steps, once every other day, until your symptoms disappear.

1- Brush your teeth with water (no toothpaste).

2- Scrub your tongue with a warm wet washcloth from the back to the front until most of the white/yellow biofilm on the top is gone. Caution: reaching too deep may cause a gag reflex.

3- Gargle hot (optimal 120ºF) water for about 10-20 seconds. Spit out and repeat gargling for five minutes. Your tongue should be red without any biofilm. If it isn’t, scrub it with the wet washcloth and gargle one more time.

4- Eat one AllerPop while doing your favorite things. Let the lollipop slowly melt in your mouth. Do not chew the lollipop or swallow it whole. It may take an hour. Discard the used lollipop if it is not done after an hour.

Warning- Though it rarely happens, discontinue using AllerPops if you feel ill, tiresome, or having low fever or headache. These feelings should be gone within a week, likely together with allergy symptoms.

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