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Tech-Free STEM + STEAM Learning Activity Guide for Education and Entertainment

Finding tech-free activities to keep kids actively engaged is sometimes an overwhelming challenge. Technology has become such an important part of our lives keeping us connected to family, friends and the world, as well as entertained. Maintaining a healthy balance between technology and screen-free activities is essential for well-rounded child development. Without a doubt, many of us have observed that kids will gravitate toward their favorite electronic devices and activities. In moderation, we all can benefit from tech time. Let's switch it up a little by discovering new ideas for hands-on games and projects. Today we're sharing ways to keep children of all ages engaged with tech-free STEM + STEAM learning activities in our resource guide for education and entertainment.

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Tech-Free STEM + STEAM Learning Activity Guide for Education and Entertainment


Plant a garden of delight with My Fairy Garden Nature Cottage

Bring whimsy and wonder to Earth science by creating a hands-on science project guiding curious minds step-by-step as to how to plant their very own magical fairy garden. My Fairy Garden Nature Cottage provides an inclusive flowerpot containing all of the supplies needed to create an enchanting fairy world. Included are a watering can, gardening tools, soil, seeds, and a fairy cottage house. My Fairy Garden Nature Cottage is recommended for kids ages 4 and up.

 Construct and Connect with Fuzzikins FuzziBabies

STEM/STEAM learning and creating brilliant projects go hand-in-hand. Creatively constructing adorable pets with Fuzzikins FuzziBabies is an ideal form of artistic expression for all ages. Fuzzikins FuzziBabies are 3-dimensional fuzzy little critters all covered in bright, white flocking and special washable markers, fuzzi teddy bear, bed, and stickers for designing, coloring, and decorating fuzzy animal friends. Colorful animals designs are easily washed away with running water to create a countless new pet designs. Fuzzikins FuzziBabies are recommended for ages 4 and up.

Pile Up and Laugh it Up with Stacktopus

Sliding into silly sea fingers to play Stacktopus, players race to carefully place colorful cups matching designs on their colored pattern cards. Prepare to laugh it up while piling up cups putting fine motor skills to the test with fingers grasping, to hold and maneuver cups. Enjoy plenty of stacking action developing sensory and tactile stimulation in a competitive game for all to enjoy. Stacktopus is recommended for ages 5 and up.

Face the Fun with Face Paintoos

Feel free to get creative sharing spectacular designs with Face Paintoos. Easily applied and easily washed away, Face Paintoos transform smiling faces into professional quality artistic expressions in just minutes.  Encourage expressive pretend play accentuated with dress up accessories to transform into exciting characters with Face Paintoos, safe for ages 4 and up.
Let's Talk Utter Nonsense

Encouraging crazy conversations loaded with silly voices and accents combined with silly phrases makes Utter Nonsense a fun-filled favorite. Speaking of fun, during each round a voice is featured for each player to read one of their phrase cards in the selected voice. It's up to the nonsense judge to decide their LOL favorite to win the round. Utter Nonsense is appropriate for 4 to 20 players, ages 8 and up.

Hang Out Together Playing Orangutwang

Joining in on the fun, playing Orangutwang is a bunch of fun for everyone playing the game. Each of the players takes a turn hanging fruit and jungle friends on to the orangutan, before the unexpected happens! Before you know it, the orangutan is holding too much, causing him to spring up with a TWANG, tossing everything all about. Orangutwang is family fun, ideal for 2 or more players, ages 4 and up.

Strategy for Mastery with Stratego  

What a sneak! Skillfully defeat the enemy, using troops, spies, and infiltrators. Develop strategic thinking abilities playing the classic game, Stratego. Focused and determined,plan your attack as you challenge your opponent using your army in strategic attacks, and tricky traitors to 
conquer your opponent's line, capturing the flag! Stratego games are recommended for two army commanders, ages 8 and up.
Say it and Don't Delay It with 5 Second Rule

Can you quickly, in 5 seconds, name 3 flavors of ice cream? If you know it, say it fast and without a second to spare! A favorite game of Ellen DeGeneres, once the 5 Second Rule timer starts, you have exactly 5 seconds to answer with three responses to the topic. Be prepared for quick-witted confusion and laughs as the competition begins in this fast-paced game, 5-Second Rule is for three or more players, ages 10 to adult, 5-Second Rule Jr. is for ages 6 and up.

Look and Learn with The Logo Game

Let's see how much attention you play to images and logos you see each day? Playing the Logo Game is a trendy way to test your knowledge of both new and nostalgic brands. Filled with hundreds of trivia facts and surprises for the whole family to enjoy. The Logo Game is recommended for ages 12 and up.

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