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BriteBrush GameBrush Smart Toothbrush Tech Scores Dental Hygiene Bonus Points

Smile! We're smiling a lot more these days. I'm thrilled that morning and evening daily brushing battles are simply one of the challenges we no longer worry about each day. As a parent, monitoring a twice daily brushing routine to make sure our kids are brushing correctly to develop proper dental health habits can be a game of highs and lows. Some days we are prepared to win the game with accurate brushing technique worth of any dental hygienist's approval, other days it's literally hit or miss dental care. What's the secret to our brushing success? We've discovered a gamechanger- BriteBrush, an interactive, smart toothbrush for kids that has helped my son improve his tooth brushing skills. Loaded with engaging songs, games and coaching tips, BriteBrush features smart sensors and a Parent Check Light for more effective monitoring. Find out why BriteBrush GameBrush smart toothbrush tech scores dental hygiene bonus points.

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BriteBrush GameBrush Smart Toothbrush Tech Scores Dental Hygiene Bonus Points

Toothbrushes come and toothbrushes go in our home. We've seen our fair share of functional and fun toothbrushes, and definitely know that the smart brushing sensor technology of the BriteBrush GameBrush is a major gamechanger for oral care. BriteBrush is the innovative new toothbrush from award-winning toy makers, WowWee, makers of Fingerlings and the inventors of Tooth Tunes teaming up in a real power play.
Brushing Technique

Remember to always brush your teeth firmly and lightly, brushing too aggressively may harm your gum tissue.

- Keep your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle to your gums.

- Move your brush up and down gently in small circles.

- Brush the outer surfaces, inside surfaces, and chewing surfaces of all teeth.

- Clean the inside surface of your front teeth by tilting your toothbrush vertically, making small up-and-down circles.

- Brush your tongue to remove bacteria and freshen your breath.

How-To BriteBrush™

1 Press the button to turn on your BriteBrush™.

2 When it’s time to start brushing, brush up and down or in small circles, that’s how you’ll keep the games going!

3 When prompted, change sides. Make sure to brush all around, inside and out, tops and bottoms – including the biting surfaces. Don’t forget your tongue! Brushing your tongue can help get rid of bacteria that cause cavities and bad breath.

Brush right and see if you can get 10 stars!

BriteBrush™ Tips

- Adjusting Volume Control

To reduce the volume, your BriteBrush™ must first be OFF. Press and hold the button on the side and continue holding the button until you hear “low volume” then release the button.

- Using the Parent Check Light

After brushing with your BriteBrush™ toothbrush, turn the brush OFF and double-click the side button to hear the last score. BriteBrush™ will light up with either Red, Yellow, or Green & tell you the number of stars earned during the last brushing session.

- Vibrating handle provides instant feedback

- Smart sensor tech encourages proper brushing and full mouth coverage, makes sure the whole mouth gets covered and recognizes when kids switch sides

- Parent Check Light: provides peace of mind that children are brushing correctly (lights up red, yellow or green depending on brushing performance

- Encourages proper brushing in accordance with the Modified Bass Technique, a method that is widely endorsed by dentists (brushing up and down in small circles vs. across)

- Games last about one minute; play twice for approximately two minutes of brushing, the amount of time
recommended by dentists

BriteBrush GameBrush features practice mode and 7 games, including- 

- Practice - Work on your brushing technique with fun bubble popping sounds and lights!
- Space Attack - Blast the aliens! Protect your bases!
- Soccer Pinball - Go for the goal!
- Dance Star - Do you have the moves to keep the music going?
- Punch Master - You're strong, but are you strong enough?
- Race Car Rally - Try to win the race as you collect treasures!
- Rockstar Jam - Earn points by rocking out with awesome solos!
- Arcade Legends - Play 4 different arcade games!

BriteBrush TM Baby Shark - for children ages 3+ with parental assistance features 3 modes-

- Practice - Work on your brushing technique with fun bubble popping sounds and lights!
- Baby Shark Song - Go on a musical adventure with Baby Shark and his family!
- Treasure Hunt Game - Go on a swimming adventure to find treasures! Play it again and again with different outcomes.

BriteBrush is available online and at Walmart, Target, and Amazon.

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