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Classroom Favorite Gift Ideas for Students from Teachers | Free Printable

I could barely contain my excitement as our class packed up all of our remaining belonging from our classroom desks. Lined up and labeled with each student's name our teachers would give the disarray of our dismantled classroom a final nod of approval once each of our desks were emptied. We left the school full of laughter and excitement peeking glances at the goodies inside of our gift bags handed to each student as we said farewell for summer vacation. Each year, educators are faced with the bittersweet end of the school year. Teachers are very busy completing student assessments, report cards, final lesson plans, in addition to classroom field trips and other responsibilities. Many teachers enjoy sharing special end-of-the-year souvenirs for their students. Here are a few classroom favorite gift ideas for students from teachers, ideal for end of the year gifts with a free printable. 

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Classroom Favorite Gift Ideas for Students from Teachers

There are plenty of fun and festive ideas for teachers to pass along to their students to mark the end of the school year. Among the most popular goodies, cool pencilscolorful penshandy casesjournal notebooksfidget toysor dry erase boards are usually educational classroom favorites. Here's a fun printable to inspire your end-of-the year gift to your students.

It was great having you in my class this year,
You will always have a special place in my heart.
Remember me when you're far and when you're near.
Here are goodies to enjoy because you're so smart!

A LOLLIPOP because you are so sweet.
A TOY to share with friends you'll meet.
BUBBLES to blow on a fun summer day,
A BANDAGE to keep you safe as you play.
A BOOKMARK to use when you read,
A PENCIL for writing as much as you need. 

Hope you enjoy these GOODIES-TO-GO!
You'll be missed more than you know!

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