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Seasonal Cleaning Checklist Revealing Expert Secret Tips

What is your favorite time of the year? I'd have to say that the beginning of each new season is always special to witness annually. As the seasons come and the season go, brilliantly marking the passing of time, the sense of change feels refreshing. Swirling along into a new season is also the ideal time to dive into deep cleaning projects needing to be crossed off your "To Do" list. Tackling our daily cleaning tasks sometimes leaves larger tasks, taken care of routinely, overlooked for a later time. Adding seasonal cleaning days to the calendar create useful reminders to give a little TLC to chores requiring attention. Share this Seasonal Cleaning Checklist, we're revealing expert secret tips you need to know to keep organized through out the year.

Seasonal Cleaning Checklist Revealing Expert Secret Tips

Get a Smart Start
Selecting the most effective cleaning products for your project help you set off with a smart start for your cleanup tasks. With high quality products you be better equipped to tidy up while also saving time and money. Whether you are cleaning with either general purpose cleaning solutions or specifically-designed products, often times, green cleaning products rise to the occasion as healthier cleaning options.

Check Your Checklist

Keeping track of your progress is easily mastered with a master checklist close at hand. Using a checklist you are able to simply list and check off chores as completed. Organization is an important factor to successfully getting the job done during cleaning projects. Take a look at our checklist below!


Imagining the finish line is a distant goal from the start line.  As we consider the scope of work to be tackled and the amount of cleaning needing attention. Take a deep breath. The task at hand will be best managed when approached step-by-step. While completing everything as quickly as possible, the reality is it becomes overwhelming to attempt to maintain too many responsibilities at once. Slow and steady is the tried-and-true way to consistently finish what you have started.

High and Low

Here's a pro tip for cleaning, reach up to get to the higher surfaces, working down toward the floor. By beginning to clean ceilings, ceiling fans, and light fixtures the dust falling on to lower levels will then be cleaned up. Finally, all floors will be cleaned to complete the process.

Helping Hands

Let's be honest, cleaning does not come easily for everyone. Some areas may be manageable, while other projects may require assistance from volunteers or possibly professional cleaning services. Ask for help if you need additional support, try to delegate projects to family or friends or hire help, if possible.
Seasonal Cleaning Checklist

Outdoor Tasks

__ Clean/Repair/Replace Light Fixtures
__ Clean/Cover Barbeque Grill
__ Clean Outside Dryer Vents
__ Wash Windows and Screens
__ Wash Exterior Walls and Walkways

Indoor Tasks

__ Clean/Repair/Replace Light Fixtures
__ Clean Ceiling Fans
__ Wash Walls, Baseboards, and Door Frames
__ Clean Furniture Surfaces 
__ Clean Heating Units/Ducts
__ Organize Cleaning Supplies 
__ Organize Closets and Dressers
__ Donate Unused/Unnecessary Items
__ Sort Electronic Devices
__ Refresh/Repair Bedding and Mattresses
__ Refresh/Repair Furniture
__ Clean Indoor Vents
__ Clean Stove, Refrigerator and Dishwasher
__ Clean/Organize Pantry
__ Clean/Organize Cabinets 
__ Organize Spices and Condiments (check product dates)

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