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Stress Less | Creative Tips to Give Kids Power Over Anxiety

Recently in a conversation, as a was discussing the topic of stress with a friend, he stated that he is not stressed at any point in his life. My first reaction was to question my frequent feelings of stress, because perhaps I am the Drama Queen my mom declared me to be. 
Then I swiped in to Google to get a working definition for the meaning of stress. Long story short, stress is when we feel emotional or physical reactions stemming from anything causing you to feel frustration, anger, or anxiety. Feeling stressed is the way your body responds to circumstances beyond our control which can be positive (motivation) or negative (anxiety). Anxiety creates an intense, complex reaction which affects both our minds and bodies. Children may experience their heart beating faster than normal, rapid breathing, increased perspiration, or fidgety body reactions, as anxious moment arise. Observing your child's behavior in various situations may reveal physical reactions to anxiety affecting their mental ability to function as they usually respond. Children can begin to stress less with these creative tips to give kids social-emotional learning (SEL) power over anxiety.

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Stress Less | Creative Tips to Give Kids Power Over Anxiety

Creative Expression

Routinely taking time for drawing or journaling can help reduce stress and anxiety to improve mental wellness. Helping my son to stretch his thinking and focus by encouraging him to creatively express himself through writing and drawing has been a tremendous help for us both. 

In the popular Disney and Pixar animated movie, Turning Red, Mei Lin regularly writes in her journal, which children can observe as an outstanding SEL opportunity for creative expression of feelings, reflections, celebrations, drawings, or written masterpieces.

Just Play Disney + Pixar Turning Red Plush Secret Journal with UV Light Pen includes an 8" Red Panda Mei Plush Journal with a Secret Compartment, UV pen and 2 Sticker Sheets. Turning Red fans will adore the soft, plush journal case, PLUS the pen is filled with invisible ink and the pen cap has a UV light perfect for secret message writing and revealing.

Mindful Moments

Young minds are still in the developmental process of growing and learning about themselves in connection to the world surrounding them each day. Anxious emotions begin in the mind, affecting the body. Empowering children to control their breathing helps them to reconnect with themselves and gain focus. Mindfulness is a useful tool for a reality check by giving kids the space to relax their thoughts by using their senses to observe how and what they are feeling in the moment.

Engaging in mindful activities with my son, such as cooking, nature walks, reflective conversations, gardening, quiet time, or even cleaning up are prime time for self-awareness. Nurturing indoor/outdoor plants has become one of his favorite activities. His PlayMonster Dino Garden ages 4 and up), contains 3 Plastic Dinosaurs, Plastic Dish, Ryegrass Seeds, Sand, Pebbles, Foam Decorations, and instructions to easily grow his own small garden environment, and even trim the grass and plants.

Soothing Sounds

We have all at some point encountered a brand new experience which challenged us to open up to new situations. Developing confidence, boosting self-awareness, improving mood, and serving to help with opening the pathway to communication are ways creative arts give kids power over anxiety.

Listening to, singing along with, and learning to play music can improve mental functioning and wellness, while boosting self-esteem and confidence. Soothing sounds help support focus and concentration for some children, like my son has discovered while learning to play the guitar.

Beginners will enjoy singing, songwriting, or simply playing along with the First Act acoustic guitar, featuring a high quality steel-reinforced neck with brass acoustic guitar strings and string post covers, and chord cards for hand positioning. 

Whether practicing, playing, livestreaming, or recording kids can create their own music space with the First Act Influencer Studio Set. l media channels Simply place your cell phone in the center of the tripod with 10” LED ring light with 3 light settings, set up the included green screen to set the melodic scene for your child's creative expression.

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