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Creative Learning Center Studios Guest Post Submission Guidelines

Creative Learning Center Studios produces lifestyle content created reaching a demographic of primarily female readers between 22 - 50 years of age, located in the United States. We have created a solid following based on the topics of everyday living, family life and style, parenting, education, green living, and healthy lifestyles. All opinions expressed are the author's own or belonging to the sources notated.
 Our published content reflects the diversity of our digital concepts and focus. 

Creative Learning Center Studios Guest Post Submission Guidelines

We are willing to collaborate with guest post contributors-

- providing writing content providing our audience with actionable tips, tools, and valuable resources.

- giving readers practical advice and/or perspectives within our range of focus.  

Guest Post Assets Required

Brief Bio with Photo (2-3 sentences)
Website\Twitter\LinkedIn Links
Email Address  

Guest Post Publishing Criteria 

Creative Learning Center Studios requires guest post submissions meet the following requirements-

- Submit your content to niecyisms @ gmail.com via Google Docs

- We accept 500+ words, subject to basic editorial revisions appropriate for our demographic

- We accept original content, exclusive to our site, and not plagiarized in any form
- We request recently sourced statistics, supported via noteworthy sources with facts and data, citing attribution to any quotes, data, images, or third party content included.

Guest Post Media Requirements

We ask for a draft copy including at least one image or video media element.

Guest Post Link Requirements

We do not post backlinks considered to be spam or irrelevant. Repeat links will be removed, if content contains 3 or more of these types of links, your article will be rejected and no future guest posts will be accepted.

*We do NOT respond to Do-Follow or link-swapping requests.