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A+ Methods to Boost Study Skills with These Smart Start Education Tips

How do you study? Here's a fun fact, not everyone learns in the same manner, therefore, we do not all study in similar ways. Who knew that there are so many different way for learners to study important information? There are
 students that perform at peak performance due to systematic studying over a period of time, notes written down on flash cards are other learners prefer cramming content before testing. During times when we are required to recall that information, we find that studying will help our brains make the necessary connections from our acquired knowledge. When it's time to study, you will want to take note of these A+ methods to boost basic study skills with these smart start education tips.

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A+ Methods to Boost Study Skills with These Smart Start Education Tips

Did you know that you are more likely to remember unusual, funny, or personal cues? Mnemonic devices are techniques you can use to help them improve your ability to remember something. In other words, these memory techniques help your brain better remember and recall important information. Using these simple tools help you to associate information you have learned and want to remember with images, sentences, or words.

Please don't allow me to discourage you with what I'm about to share, however, it's important to know these memorization tips will be a useful resource for recall, not necessarily comprehension of the content.

Rhyming - Work with learners to create short rhymes to help learn facts or information.

Quick Facts - 12 + 12 = 24, add it up, no less, no more”

Acronyms - Help learners form a "word" using the first letters of a related sequence of words. Each letter of the "word" represents a memory cue for information.

Rainbow Colors Acronym - ROYGBIV - Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet

Acrostics - Develop a simple phrase or sentence from the first letters of a series of terms to help learners recall details. 

Acrostic - Does McDonald's Sell Cheese Burgers Rare?

Math Division Order - Divide, Multiply, Subtract, Check, Bring Down, Remainder

Key Words - Visualizing a key word or phrase and visual hint to serve as memory prompts.

Wednesday Spelling - Key Word - Wed, Visual - Wedding

Story Method - Formulating a story containing a list of items to be memorized.

New York Facts - State Tree - Sugar Maple, State Animal - Beaver, State Bird - Eastern Bluebird, State Flower - Rose

Story -  Walk along the path I felt tired, so I sat down beneath a Sugar Maple tree. I looked up to see an Eastern Bluebird flying high in the sky. I looked over to the river where a Beaver was busy building a dam just past the beautiful Rose bushes.

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