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How to Add Meditation Benefits to Your Daily Wellness Routine

Mornings begin with a series of three daily alarms set to prepare me for the day ahead of me in stages. Beginning my morning ritual is the earliest alarm which serves to wake me up from sleep to access the new day ahead. Following this alarm, I gradually begin my day when 30 minutes later an alarm will cue time for me to wake up, yet not necessarily get up from my bed at this time. Here is the space in my day for clearing and preparing myself mentally with a few moments of gratitude and reflection. W
e often overwhelmed find ourselves to be overwhelmed by our daily lives. Schedules are all too often overloaded with our responsibilities, experiences, and events. If you're anything like myself, we instinctually feel that we should always be more active, more involved, continually pursuing more interests. Meanwhile, we also need to consider how important it is to focus on our personal physical and mental goals. Working diligently to achieve our objectives requires implementing refreshing advances to your perspectives. Let's meditate on this concept. Here are some benefits of establishing a personal self-care foundation and how you can add meditation benefits to your daily wellness routine.

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How to Add Meditation Benefits to Your Daily Wellness Routine

Prepare yourself for a rollercoaster ride through life as we experience the high, lows, twists, and turns of affairs. Many of us potentially face burnout at some point in our lives, which is within our power to prevent. We tend to become more prone to feelings of burnout when overwhelmed, overworked, or basically overmanaging situations without allowing yourself space for self-care breaks. Burnout causes significant stress and feelings of tensions. You may observe that there are times where you find it to be extremely difficult to focus on work, productivity decreases, or you lose interest in activities you typically enjoy. Take note, as these are all common signs of heading toward or experiencing personal burnout.

Focus on Firsts

Frantically scrambling to find just a little extra time in between projects and daily responsibilities, diminishes your ability to focus on the most important first-place priorities in your life. 
Perhaps to focus on your firsts that means more self-care time, family time, or even simply figuring out your priorities. Slowing down is essential to reflect upon your progress to evaluate your path to future success.

The SOLEX Posture Roller helps you to reduce the stress of pain and increase wellness without the need for pain medication or scheduling expensive medical* appointments. SOLEX is a lightweight, portable roller with 5 -10 minutes of use daily to take care of tightness and tension by placing your spine in its optimal position. Ergonomically designed by Dr. Aman Dhaliwal, a physical therapist, to affordably help you improve circulation to help decrease pain, increase mobility, and promote comfort and relaxation.

Stress Less

Without a doubt, we can admit to dealing with a variety of sources of stress in our lives which are inadvertently affecting both our mental and physical health. We are often required to manage from one situation to the next situation, without allowing sufficient time to check in on ourselves. If you aren't able to remember the last time you paused to nurture your own mind and thoughts, or how your body feels, it's quite possible you're missing out on some important opportunities to stress less in your daily life.

5 Simple Steps to Meditation Success

Be in the present moment, focusing on your breathing, slowing your heart rate, and quieting your mind to allow your body to relax. 

2-  Focus on Breathing

Try taking a slow series of 10 deep breaths, count to five as you exhale and inhale. Allow your lungs to fill as you inhale, then slowly exhale through your nose.

3- Relax Your Gaze

Possibly close your eyes or soften your sights to help you focus. 

4- Be Present

Become aware any comfort or discomfort you are feeling as you slowly take note of your body from head to toe.

5- Gain Awareness of Your Thoughts 

Notice what thoughts are present, allowing each thought to come up, and pass by, without any judgment or attachment.

Meditating with basic accessories, such as the SOLEX Posture Roller or even a traditional body roller will- 

- Restore Natural Spine Alignment

- Relieve Neck, Shoulder, and Back Pain 

- Strengthen Core Muscles 

- Improve Sleep + Energy

- Promote Better Circulation

Meditate for Clarity

By relaxing and providing yourself both time and space helps you gain some clarity and perspective. How have you been struggling with decision-making? Are you following your path to success? Gaining clarity by add meditation will prove in time to benefit your daily wellness routine.

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