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Where + How to Shop for Authentic Stuart Weitzman Sandals

Learn Everything You Need To Know About Stuart Weitzman Sandals

When it comes to women’s footwear there are only a few companies that would even dream of competing with the Stuart Weitzman brand. All things considered, there are even fewer companies daring enough to compete with the brand's extensive collection of luxury sandals. A true fashionista knows that Stuart Weitzman sandals are the definition of style, adored by iconic reality TV and fashion celebrity, Kim Kardashian. Collaborating as a dynamic duo, the brand has an entire collection dedicated to her Fall 2022 Showcase. Look no further to discover important details about where and how to shop, as you learn everything you need to know about authentic Stuart Weitzman sandals.

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Where + How to Shop for Authentic Stuart Weitzman Sandals

Image Courtesy of Stuart Weitzman

Where to Find Stuart Weitzman Brand Sandals

Stuart Weitzman brand sandals are available for purchase from a variety of select retail stores within the United States. Major retail locations include-
  • New York - 9 Locations
  • California - 4 Locations
  • New Jersey - 2 Locations
  • Nevada - 2 Locations
  • Florida - 3 Locations
Strategically located, Stuart Weitzman currently operates 31 retail locations throughout the USA. In the unfortunate event that you are not located near any of these retail properties, you will still be able to shop Stuart Weitzman products via their official online store at Stuartweitzman.com. At the present time, unfortunately the brand does not offer international shipping through the official website. Appealing to demand, availability of their product selections can be shopped through online fashion retailers such as Shopbop.

The History of the Stuart Weitzman Brand

Fueled by a passion for fashion, Stuart Weitzman founded the brand stemming from this belief that “a beautiful shoe is useless unless it feels as wonderful as it looks.” Closely aligned with his sentiment and strongly resonating with his lavish vision, women around the world became mesmerized by his fashionable collections. We can all agree that stunning shoes are lovely, however they serve very little purpose if they're too painful and uncomfortable to wear. Catering to this line of thinking became the motivating factor for Weitzman to design footwear with comfort a main priority for his brand.

More than five decades in the shoe industry is a pretty good run. Image courtesy of JTA

Deep diving into the story behind the man, Weitzman grew up working as a young apprentice under his father's expertise. Seymour Weitzman owned a local shoe factory located in Haverhill, Massachusetts. From an early age, Stuart was more than skilled in the art of shoemaking, he also possessed strong talents for pattern-making. In 1986 Stuart combined his skill sets, venturing out as a second generation entrepreneur, founding the Stuart Weitzman brand. After devoting more than five decades to building his iconic brand in the footwear industry, Weitzman retired.

Currently leading as Head of Design for the Stuart Weitzman brand, Edmundo Castillo is known for his master-craft artistry in designing elegant silhouettes. As a fashion industry visionary, Edmundo’s lifelong passion for shoe design led him to join the Stuart Weitzman brand in 2018. Creating beautiful, precision shoe designs defines exactly the brilliance the stellar reputation of the Stuart Weitzman brand stands upon.

Castillo’s professional portfolio launched in 1989 with none other than Donna Karan. Following nine years of masterminding and improving his craft, he ventured off to join Ralph Lauren. Making his mark, in 1999 he then succeeded in starting his own brand. With designs from his namesake brand quickly elevating to prominence, being worn by top name celebrities including BeyoncĂ© and Kate Moss.

Your social proof is brand support of celebrities like Kim Kardashian. via Instagram

Stuart Weitzman’s Sandal Collection
Stuart Weitzman brand sandals are an absolute must-have for any fashion-forward wardrobe. Considered to be the go-to shoe brand, having created luxe sandal designs for black-tie events to more casual designs for more traditional beach excursions. All of the brand’s sandals are fashioned with the brand’s signature artisanal craftsmanship, bringing together timeless, sophisticated, iconic silhouettes that the brand is known for in the industry. The inclusive sandal collection includes a variety of multiple styles, each built with a masterful balance of style and comfort to stand as the ideal choice for almost any occasion.

Stuart Weitzman’s Gemcut 100 Sandal

Gemcut sandals have a heel height of 85 - 100mm. Image courtesy of Stuart Weitzman

Serving haute couture, the Stuart Weitzman Gemcut 100 Sandals serve up a glamorous spin on the traditionally minimalist silhouette of the brand’s elegant Strappy Sandal. These sandals are available in multiple styles such as Slingback Pumps, Ankle Strap Pumps, Strappy Sandals, and Regular Sandals. Select alternate styles offer an array of other color options. Whether you decide to opt for sandal material in suede or satin, with an assortment of customization options available to the customer, you are free to create your perfect version of these sandals personalized specifically for you exclusively.

Stuart Weitzman Nudistwrap 110 Sandal

Channel your inner Kardashian. Image courtesy of Stuart Weitzman

Elegantly designed, the Nudistwrap 110 Sandals by Stuart Weitzman combine the celebrity-loved silhouette of the Nudest Sandal with the trendy wrap-up design. The sleek metal tips on the laces add an additional level of pop to the chic sandal design. Featuring heels measuring 4.5 inches or 110 mm, these sandal heel are only available in one color- dusk blue, and are available in a multitude of sizes from 3.5 to 12. As a fan-favorite, these sandals are adored for the comfortable leather insole with the exterior of the shoe being crafted from liquid metallic leather.

Stuart Weitzman’s Nudestcurve 100 Sandal

Rocking a stunning 3.9 or 100 mm heel. via Instagram

Delivering versatility, the Nudestcurve 100 Sandal offers a variety of seven different material options including New Noir, Liquid Metallic Leather, Crystals, Suede, Patent, Metallic Watersnake, and Iridescent Patent. The charming style pictured in the image above is the Iridescent Patent style, available in the Orchid Pink color. These sandals are available in sizes 3.5 through 12 with a true-to-size fit. Step in style with heels specially designed to be aesthetically light while remaining true to the versatility of the classic Nudest Sandal design.

A Brief Size and Fit Guide For Stuart Weitzman Sandals

Refer to the brand's size guide options for sandal sizing. via Instagram

The Stuart Weitzman brand deviates from the global standard for its shoe sizes. Unlike contemporary designs, the brand's sizing is constructed based upon the shoe maker’s expertise with sizing for each shoe reflective of the design of the particular shoe. Taking into consideration that the brand’s shoe designs offer a wide variety of variations from one another, generally assigning all shoes the same size standard disregards the comfort of the customer. Conforming to basic shoe standards for the sake of convenience, does not fulfill the Stuart Weitzman vision. Always refer to the official Stuart Weitzman website offers for the sizing chart to best help match your regular shoe size with the brand's size guide listings. Devoted to the highest level of customer service, keep in mind that free order exchanges are offered to customers for new shoe purchases that are either too large or small.

How to Spot Counterfeit Stuart Weitzman Sandals

The Stuart Weitzman brand and its parent company, Tapestry, Inc. take the violation of counterfeiting very seriously. Working closely with law enforcement around the world, strong actions are taken to help stop and prevent the sale and production of counterfeit merchandise. Counterfeiting creates a negative impact on the company's reputation due to fake products being produced with much less attention to detail. Lower quality, fake products adversely affect not only the company’s profits, and the US economy, the production and sale of counterfeit goods often supports an increase in child labor and organized crime.

The most effective way to avoid counterfeit or fake Stuart Weitzman brand shoes is to purchase merchandise directly from the official website, retail stores, or select other locations with official affiliation with the brand, such as Shopbop. As a rule, in general, if you’re buying high-end designer name-brand shoes from person-to-person sellers on community vendor sites, including Facebook or Craigslist, you’re potentially setting yourself up for disappointment. Similar to most sale offers and deals discovered on the internet, if the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true.

Here are a few signs to look out for if you think you may have or might be about to purchase counterfeit Stuart Weitzman merchandise-
  1. Check to be certain that the box the shoes are package in is an authentic Stuart Weitzman brand box. The shoebox features notable design elements including font, silver lettering, and Stuart Weitzman printed across the top of the shoebox.
  2. Closely observe the box to look for the authentic Stuart Weitzman label on the side of the shoebox detailing the shoe size, color, and style. Without these key factors, be aware to the probability of counterfeit items.
  3. Look inside to find the signature Stuart Weitzman silver dust bag the brand’s name featured on it in capital letters. Without a proper dust bag, closely validate the authenticity of the shoes.
  4. Inspect the soles of the shoe, both the leather insole and the outer sole should display the Stuart Weitzman brand logo. Also note, outer sole logos are often accompanied by Made in Spain and Leather Sole text on the sole of the shoe.
The Stuart Weitzman brand crafts some of the most renowned sandal collections in the industry. Their elite team of artisans continually designs unique, stylish designs credited with pushing fashion trends forward. Their superior commitment to quality, comfort, and consideration for their consumers sets industry standards. For many years to come, savvy trendsetters the world over will seek out the glamour of Stuart Weitzman’s sandals.

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