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Expert Tips for Sustainable Play Time and Story Time Fun

Can we just marvel at the wonder of childhood? As I was an educator before becoming a parent, I was able to see the positive impact age-appropriate learning has on child development. Barely far from childhood myself, I was truly amazed by the process of helping little ones develop milestone developmental skills. Engaging in purposeful play with children helps them learn new skills including coordination, socialization while developing language skills and communicating with others, and develop imaginative play. It's always rewarding to see the first seeds of learning begin to blossom. Encouraging children to actively play with toys designed for the many ages and stages of physical, mental, and emotional growth. Sustainable toys are made from high quality, environmentally-friendly materials which are designed to be durable. These long-lasting toys are crafted to be enjoyed and shared for years to come.  With professional expertise in better understanding the best options for young learners to discover the best of both entertainment and education, we're partnering with the genius of Bababoo and Friends to share a few expert tips for sustainable play time and story time fun.

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Expert Tips for Sustainable Play Time and Story Time Fun

Children learn about their worlds through a variety of methods including through the observation of their parents, teachers, friends, and media images. Another essential factor in child development is play time. Children actually learn through play, helping to develop cognitive, social, and emotional skills. During play, trial and error experimenting teaches cause and effect relationships, while repetition will serve to reinforce new concepts and skills.

Active participation in keeps curious minds engaged in the learning process. Hands-on activities and problem-solving opportunities are great ways to spark interest and inquisitiveness. In general, children learn best in a supportive, stimulating environments encouraging their exploration, experimentation, and creativity to safely and freely experience teachable moments.

Choosing sustainable toys made from eco-friendly materials such as wood, bamboo, organic cotton, and other natural materials helps reduce plastics ending up in landfills. There are many different types of sustainable toys available for all ages and stages, often crafted to promote creativity and imagination. Encouraging children to learn about sustainability and the importance of taking care of our environment is a valuable lesson and lifestyle choice to model.

Bababoo and Friends | Early Learning Approach

"Bababoo and friends were developed with the aim of stimulating the hearts and minds of young families. A child’s language center develops long before they take their first step. By combining games with stories, Bababoo and friends® activates little brains while supporting key stages of childhood development."

Play Time + Story Time + Learning Time with Lolo’s Boat Bead Maze - Ages 12 Months and Up

Lolo's "Happy Boat Ride'' is a motor skills game that promotes creativity as well as coordination skills. 

- Balance the Beech Wood Boat
(Concepts- Front, Back, Toward, Away, Near, Far, Right, Left)

- Slide the Wooden Beads Along Maze
(Concepts- Counting, Colors, Coordination, Fine Motor Skills)

- Tilt the Boat to Jingle Bells
(Concepts- Sensory Development, Musicality, Coordination) 

These developmental skills are important for little ones master as they learn, grow, and become more independent. Some essential developmental skills include-

Cognitive Abilities- Thinking and solving progressively more challenging problems by exploring their surroundings and basic patterns and processes.

Fine Motor Skills- Promoting coordination of hand and wrist muscles by grasping, coloring, writing, as well as playing with objects, such as blocks, puzzles, and toys requiring hand manipulation. 

Gross Motor Skills- Learning to develop and move their bodies in different ways, such as crawling, walking, running, and jumping.

Language Development- Communicating with others using words and gestures to express themselves and understand others.

Socialization- Interacting with others by smiling, laughing, and playing to learn acceptable behaviors, as well as how to communicate and understand language.

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