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Simple Tips for Mindfulness for Mental Wellness

Why is there so much conversation around the topic of mindfulness? Mindfulness is the intentional process of centering your focus on only the present moment and experiences. Concerns about life's challenges in the past or future fade away into the background of your awareness as mindful observations emphasize only the here and now. Mindfulness has gained in popularity as a means of strengthening and increasing concentration, focus, and mental clarity as a practice without spiritual or religious connections. It’s important to emphasize that the purpose of mindfulness is not necessarily to achieve benefits, the goal is to simply be present in the moment. Speaking from personal experience, the primary benefit of mindfulness is being able to free your mind from any connections to circumstances beyond your control to better maintain a calmer mind and feelings of inner harmony. Including time in your daily routine for mindfulness can be done anywhere you are able to find a few peaceful moments. Here are a few simple tips for mindfulness for mental wellness.

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Simple Tips for Mindfulness for Mental Wellness

Daily stress in our lives sometimes evolves to become an overwhelming barrier to our well-being, more specifically, our mental wellness. During your mindful moments you will work to refocus your awareness each time you notice your mind beginning to wander. Through this process, your ability to concentrate improves by connecting with your physical and mental state with focus on your breathing, repeating a mantra, gazing at a focal point, or listening to a calming tone.

Mastering the ability to focus the mind is challenging, in the beginning mindfulness practices may last for only a few minutes, in time increasing to longer durations.

Mindfulness Benefits

Through the observation and awareness of thought patterns and emotional states we become empowered to enjoy a better quality of life. With continued practice, lifestyle benefits may include-
Lower Blood Pressure
Improved Circulation
Lower Heart Rate
Slower Respiratory Rate
Decreased Anxiety
Lower Cortisol Levels
Improved Well-Being
Less Stress
Improved Relaxation

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