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Healthy Haircare Tips | Understand Your Hair Porosity

What do you know about your hair porosity? There's so much more to know about our hair than many of us would have ever considered. Hair porosity is affected by your health, genetics, environment, and chemical hair treatments. Understanding your hair porosity is helpful in choosing the most effective hair care and styling products to include in your haircare routine for healthy hair. Observing your h
air porosity shows you the ability of your hair strands to absorb and retain moisture. This is the way water and haircare products interact with the hair cuticle (outermost layer of hair). Hair is determined to be either low porosity, medium porosity, or high porosity. If you're curious t
o find your hair porosity, try this simple hair porosity test method- First, brush your clean hair to collect a few strands that have shed. Now, place your strands of hair in a glass of water. After a minute or so, if your hair strands float, your hair is low porosity, if your hair sinks after floating, it's medium porosity, and if your hair sinks instantly, it is high porosity. Use these healthy haircare tips to better understand your hair porosity.

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Healthy Hair Care Tips | Understand Your Hair Porosity

Low Porosity Hair
  • Hair Porosity Test- Hair strands float in water.
  • Hair Cuticles- Closed tightly, forming a barrier that prevents moisture from entering. Likely to encounter protein overload.  
  • Hair Absorption- Slow and difficult, certain hair care products tend to build up in the hair. Some styling products may not work well with low porosity hair.
  • Hair Characteristics- Curly or coily hair may be dry, dull, or brittle, while straight hair tends to become excessively oily because of buildup. If your hair takes a long time to blow-dry or is resistant to hair color, this may indicate low porosity.
  • Hair Care- Avoid using heavy hair products and oils that can cause build up on the hair shaft. Use clarifying shampoo and lightweight formula styling products. Include a monthly deep conditioner in a steamy environment to more effectively allow moisture to penetrate hair strands. 

Medium Porosity Hair
  • Hair Porosity Test- Hair strands float before sinking in water.
  • Hair Cuticles- More loosely bound than low porosity hair, allowing for balanced moisture absorption and retention.
  • Hair Absorption- Moderate, products penetrate the hair shaft but don't build up easily.
  • Hair Characteristics- Hair is typically healthy and shiny, with less frizz and holds styles well. Medium porosity hair responds well to most products. 
  • Hair Care- Avoid excessive heat exposure and tight hairstyles and accessories, which can cause damage or breakage by pulling on hair. Use balanced protein and moisturizing products formulated for your hair type and texture. Regularly add a deep condition to repair your hair.
High Porosity Hair
  • Hair Porosity Test- Hair strands sink into water.
  • Hair Cuticles- Openly spaced and allow quick absorption with minimal moisture retention.
  • Hair Absorption- Very fast, products penetrate easily and can be over-absorbed. Hair color penetrates into hair easily, yet may quickly fade away.
  • Hair Characteristics: High porosity hair may dry quickly, be brittle, dry, frizzy, and prone to split ends and breakage. It grows best with routine trims, detangling products, and gentle brushing. 
  • Hair Care: Avoid using clarifying hair products which may cause damage by depleting moisture from your hair. Use rich, moisturizing hair care products, formulated to seal in moisture with leave-in conditioners, styling creams, oils, and deep conditioners with nourishing ingredients.

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