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5 Creativity-Powered Benefits of Connecting with Your Inner Child

Technology has its benefits and its disadvantages. One of the most emphasized benefits is the undisputable advantage of being able to connect us with people all around the world. We're able to reach out to connect with people that are very much like ourselves or introduce us to the insight of diverse perspectives. One common bond shared is delight in stories and characters providing both education and entertainment. Combining degrees of simplicity and complexity, observing valuable life and moral lessons, comic book and animated characters often spark nostalgic 
memories of childhood. Helping us to escape from reality, even momentarily, cartoon characters are useful ways to cope with overwhelming feelings of stress, anxiety, or depression. In the midst of an extremely nerve-racking morning, I knew that my level of frustration was peaking at beyond demanding and it was time for me to reset my perspective. What did I need in that moment? Surprisingly, a few episodes of one of my favorite animated series was an ideal solution to a stressful day. Taking time to appreciate the worlds of our favorite characters can sometime illuminate a magical lightbulb of  v inspiration flashing above our heads. Reflect on these five creative benefits of connecting with your inner child.

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5 Creativity-Powered Benefits of Connecting with Your Inner Child

1- Storytelling

Storytelling is a creatively influential way of building communication and engagement. Stories capture your attention and make connections to build empathy. Think about how a well-told storyline allows you to become emotionally invested in the characters and their situations. An emotional attachment and shared experiences within a story create a bond and sense of community.

Reading the stories with vibrant animated characters such as the Zoonicorn collective introduces storytelling to younger learners. A Zoonicorn is a little bit unicorn and a little bit zebra and they visit dreams to help gain an understanding of life lessons through adventures. Each of the four Zoonicorn characters has a unique personality and story for us to identify with-

Valeo (Blue)- He's the Zoonicorn leader who overcomes shyness.

Promithea (Purple)- She is reliable, shy, and a fantastic secret keeper.

Aliel (Pink)- This is the spunky, fun one, that always is always zooming.

Ene (Green)- He is a joker who loves mischief and napping.

2- Humor

Animated characters often become more enjoyable and memorable by creatively appealing to our sense of humor. Finding humor benefits our physical health, mental wellness, socialization, and releases the joy of your inner child. Sitting down to laugh at the hilarious antics and remarks of characters may help decrease stress and boost your mood to decrease feelings of anxiety and depression. With just a little humor, we can boost morale and productivity in a more relaxed environment open to creativity and innovation.

3- Artistry 

Characters developed through detailed storytelling is an art form developed from style and technique. Stories are powerful ways to illustrate, inspire, and encourage individuals to create with a unique freedom of expression. Art is said to imitate life, and with a diverse exposure to creativity, creativity thrives. Bioworld, The Pop Culture Experts, are one of the industry leaders trending for their artistic insight, "We help cultivate self-expression."

4- Community 

Cartoon characters create a community of fans to engage with and feel empowered to share their personal stories. Individuals coming together to inspire other can be a huge part of a therapeutic process toward discovering or rediscovering your inner child. Building a community becomes a creative safe space to process experiences, converse, and gain insight.

5- Inspiration

Exploring the life and times of characters in stories in books, comics, movies, and series to look beyond their own life stories. Inspiring the pursuit of following the joys of their inner child sparks the motivation to see beyond the moment, to dream big. Expanding your horizon can reveal the layers of opportunity awaiting you and your inner child filled with the creativity the world needs to experience from you.

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