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5 Simple Wellness Tips for Women to Improve Your Self-Care Quality

How would you rate the quality of self-care in your life? Most days will find us intensely pursuing responsibilities in our lives. It's essential that we are responsible when it comes to taking care of ourselves. Now is the time for you to discover ways to nurture your best self and enjoy the benefits. Our lives are often overloaded with an epic number of responsibilities which tend to overshadow devoting quality t
ime for ourselves. Just about everything that you consume has a direct impact on your health, from the food you eat to the content you read, view, or hear. Take control of the flow of positivity in your life. Find your passion, find your people, and enjoy life. Surround yourself with supportive people who bring positivity into your life and inspire you to be your very best self. Having a circle of influence from meaningful connections inspires us with a sense of belonging and boosts confidence. Are you including these five simple women's wellness tips to improve the quality of your self-care?

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5 Simple Wellness Tips for Women to Your Improve Self-Care Quality

Smart Start

Before my day actually begins, I start my morning by allowing myself space for self-care. Simply making time in my schedule to include an intentional time dedicated to choosing an activity that I find enjoyable makes a significant difference in my disposition. Start every single day right by taking 10 minutes off for yourself. Enjoy the quiet time by reading, meditating, or writing down your intentions for the day. Set aside as few as ten minutes to devote to an activity that makes you feel refreshed and reduces your stress level to benefit your mental health and help to boost your mood.

Water Works

This health and wellness tip is extremely important to keep in mind. Water is essential to your daily routine. Fill (and refill) your water bottle throughout the day to avoid feeling dehydrated. If it's helpful for you to have a little reminder to drink water throughout the day, keep your bottle nearby. Fill up your water bottle with the goal of swapping in a drink of water for other beverages during the day. Drinking water has been shown to help improve your mood, energy, and activity level. 

Natural Nutrients

Food is fuel for your body and eating a healthy diet is how you are best prepared to maintain your health and wellness. By  choosing to eat more natural foods, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, high-fiber greens, and lean meat to avoid the temptations (and delights) of eating processed foods. Having  smaller, healthier meals, instead of eating three large meals may be one way to avoid unhealthy food choices. Another healthy tip is to include good sources of probiotics in your daily food choices to help to support a healthy gut.

Movement Matters

Step by step we are keeping active and physically fit. Make those moves and try not to miss out on all of the action by sitting on the sidelines. Check in with your health care professional prior to beginning a fitness regime to best determine your activity capacity and level of exertion. Most exercises are able to be modified to adapt to varying physical capabilities. You may also realize that in addition to burning calories, building muscle mass, and improving flexibility, a basic workout also provides great self-care and mental health benefits. Consider using gentle, effective feminine health hygiene products, such as pH-D Feminine Health to proactively maintain optimal personal care before, during, and after activities.

Deep Sleep 

Sleep is certainly one of my personal non-negotiables. Escaping the real world to visit dreamland for a few well-deserved hours of sleep is an essential part of my wellness routine. If you're like me, the importance of enjoying a good night's sleep is worth every minute. So often we learn a little too late that the lack of quality sleep has been attributed to health and wellness concerns, increased stress levels, and signs of depression. Ideally, your target sleep goal could be set at getting approximately 6-8 hours of quality sleep each night. 

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