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Surprising Benefits of Binge Watching TV Shows and Movies

It took me a little bit of convincing before I was finally ready to join the binge watching experience. It may seem counterproductive, but for me being able to set aside time to binge watch The Gilmore Girls, then Grey's Anatomy, Schitt's Creek, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a sign of my progress toward self-care. Coming to terms with the fact that it's perfectly fine for me to just zone out of life's responsibilities to tune in to Suits made a huge difference in my life. I may or may not know of a person that keeps a perpetually ongoing list of top recommended series and movies that are being binge watched by family, friends, and even from casual  conversations in passing. If it isn't blatantly obvious yet, it's me—I'm a person. Growing up as a child that didn't spend too much time watching TV, discovering high-quality movies and TV shows can to capture my attention has provided me with an interesting variety of benefits. Movies and TV series just might deliver more than entertainment, personal growth, education, social and emotional connections are also part of your experience. Here are some surprising benefits I've discovered from binge watching TV shows and movies.

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Surprising Benefits of Binge Watching TV Shows + Movies

1- Cultural Awareness

In varying degrees, both non-fiction and fictional TV and movies offer a bit of exposure to diverse cultures. Through the storytelling elements of high-quality TV series and movies often depict various cultures, traditions, and ways of life, to help foster a broader understanding of the world we all live in together. Increased cultural awareness nurtures a deeper appreciation of the diversity of life.

Documentaries and biopics provide factual information and insights on a wide range of topics. While significant historical insights are exemplified in many biographical productions based on historical events or periods of time, binge watching shows like Curb Your Enthusiasm provide a hilarious glimpse into a fictional day-in-the-life as only Larry David and his ensemble of top-tier castmates can deliver.

2- Emotional Intelligence

It's interesting to learn how much of our empathy development emerges from engaging with well-crafted stories and complex characters. Viewing theater, TV series, and movies may help enhance our levels of empathy through the experience and understanding of different emotions and perspectives.

Unlike in our real life experiences, a binge of movies and TV series can provide us with a safe space for a much needed emotional release, helping us process our own feelings. However, gravely unaffected by our need for emotional intelligence, Wednesday, the Addams Family spin-off series is a fan fave.

3- Critical Thinking

If you're artistically inclined, another benefit of streaming through episode after episode is harnessing an enhanced plateau of creativity and critical thinking. Imaginative worlds, creative storytelling, and innovative imagery can stimulate your own creativity. 

I'm a creative, yet relatively new to the super-sleuthing true crime community. This genre attracts an ever-growing niche—viewing audiences boasting detective skills to put the experts to the test. A more non-conventional way to improve your critical thinking skills by following complex storylines can fine tune your ability to think outside the box, analyze situations, and possibly predict outcomes. Try your hand at uncovering the chilling turn of events in HBO Original True Detective Night Country. Definitely binge worthy!

4- Language and Communication Skills

So many of us learned so much of our speech patterns from movies and TV shows as young children. Indeed, language and communication skills are being learned (for better or worse) while we're watching movies and series. Whether you're watching your native language or different languages you can boost language skills, vocabulary, pronunciation, and comprehension.

As a means of improving communication, dialogue-driven content can build understanding of effective communication techniques and storytelling methods. No need to take my word for it, check out HBO Original Series, Succession to follow NYC's leading media family in all of it's dysfunction.

5- Social Connections

We thrive from connections, our shared experiences when we're discussing movies and TV series with our family, friends, colleagues, or online communities connects us through social bonding. Popular movies and shows influence pop culture sensations, in a shared experience bridging people across different backgrounds. Iconic scenes from the award-winning series, FRIENDS will stand as classic laughs that will get you every time.

6- Stress Relief + Relaxation

Need to relax? Entertainment and escapism go hand-in-hand. With a vast assortment of movies and TV shows available for an escape from daily life, I truly have needed a few episodes (or seasons) of the beloved PBS Kids educational children's show, Arthur for a "wonderful kind of day". 

Much of binge watching is about us becoming absorbed in an engaging, compelling story to ground us in the present moment. My highly recommended binge is Cartoon Network blast from the past, Dexter's Laboratory, about half-Einstein, half-third grader, boy genius, Dexter. It's a sci-fi starter series!

7- Moral and Ethical Insight

Tapping into the creative talents of creative visionaries opens up our minds to explore moral and ethical dilemmas through the perspectives of other people. Thought-provoking movies and series will often introduce us to complicated life situations, prompting us to reflect on their own values and beliefs.

Stories told with messages of perseverance, courage, and victory can inspire and motivate us to conquer challenges in our own lives. One outstanding example would be the series Manifest, a mystery and drama series that will make you think before you take off on your next flight. 

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