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Featured Review: Chamberlain's Leather Milk Water Protectant No. 3

How sumptuous is the scent of new leather? I will stop and inhale the unmistakable new leather scent while scurrying past a retailer of fine leather goods with imaginary blinders on to avoid actually seeing the temptation of the forbidden fruit. Do you love the indulgence of the unmistakable texture of high quality leather products as much as I do? Here is an interesting combination to envision- a thrifty, green living mom with a serious passion for shoes and handbags.

In reality, the situation makes perfect sense, the profile actually fits my lifestyle. Purchasing genuine leather American made products is a decision based on the craftsmanship, quality and durability of the item. For example, when it is time to buy shoes for myself or my family, sustainability is a major factor in our decision making process. Practicality and maintenance are also play an important role. Chamberlain's Leather Milk Water Protector No. 3 is an incredibly valuable product to give your leather the moisturizing and conditioning protective covering to withstand the effects of natures elements and routine casualties of normal wear and tear.

Chamberlain's Leather Milk Water Protectant No. 3 is packaged with a easy to use reusable, round, white cotton terry applicator pad and labeled in the rustic, antiqued apothecary tradition that from first glance identifies as a stand out, reputable brand that stands by its values and will deliver exactly everything as promised.  Upon application the protectant needs only a moderate squeeze to dispense the creamy treatment of Chamberlain's Leather Milk Water Protectant No. 3 to generously shine and nourish your leather with a premium grade waxes and oils specially formulated to repel water, most specifically the damaging effects of rain and snow.

Prior to treating your treasured leather wear with the water protectant it is very strongly advised that the item is thoroughly cleaned with a product such as Chamberlain's Leather Milk Straight Cleaner No. 2 Leather Cleaner to remove any substances that can be harmful or damaging to the leather. These products are not recommended for use on softer leather or suede products and a darkening of the coloring of the leather is normal and characteristic of the treatment and conditioning process. The leather shoes pictured feature a before photo of my untreated shoe on the top and the initial application of the water protectant on the bottom shoe. 

It is wisely suggested in a tongue-in-cheek manner by Chamberlain's Leather Milk that you "Buy and use more than you need", [FAQ Response -"We have a dry, sense of humor here at Leather Milk. 2/3 of the U.S. economy is driven by consumer spending. The more consumers buy, the better the economy. But it's all in humor. (Important: This does not mean you should over-condition your leather item)"] I agree wholeheartedly. After applying an even and thorough treatment application, I generously applied a second application for no other reason than simply that I enjoyed the process and my shoes looked amazing. The resulting action was an uncontrollable urge to treat any and every leather item in our home with Chamberlain's Leather Milk Water Protectant No. 3 with the greatest joy while wearing my freshly treated heels around the house.

Product Description

Water Protectant No. 3 is designed to protect leather from harsh weather conditions, especially rain and snow. No. 3 contains deeply penetrating natural oils and waxes that both condition and repel water. Works great on boots, shoes, purses, bags, outdoor gear and motorcycle equipment. Please be advised, this product will typically darken lighter color leather pieces. Not for use on suede or extremely soft leather types.

Chamberlain’s Leather Milk also offers the right product for your outdoors lifestyle! Do you hunt, fish, hike…or, just plain work outdoors? Do you ride a motorcycle in Minnesota in inclement weather (yes, except in May…)? If your work or lifestyle has you in water, mud, or snow then our Water Protectant can help you with your leathers. This is a heavier, deeper oil treatment that will ward-off the elements and nourish your leather. It is the perfect product for facing the perils of global warming AND global cooling, whether singularly, or simultaneously.

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