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Benefits and Blessings of the #40BagsIn40Days Challenge

What is the 40 Bags/Items in 40 Days Challenge?

I'm up for a challenge, are you? This challenge is unique, yet rewarding. The 40 Bags in 40 Days Challenge is a forty day period taking place, generally around Spring (coinciding with the observance of the 40 days of Lent) or at any time of the year. During the determined period of time, detailed attention is dedicated toward decluttering one particular area of your home each day one bag at a time, or randomly going about the decluttering process, filling all unnecessary and unneeded items in bag to donate, repurpose (eco-friendly choice), or toss away.

Benefits & Blessings of the #40BagsIn40Days Challenge

The goal of the challenge is stated as decluttering one bag per day, however if you find yourself with more or less decluttering, that's fine. Go with it! The#40BagsIn40Days Challenge allows you the freedom and flexibility to start decluttering whenever and wherever! The rules and regulations of this challenge are completely up to you.

Aim for one area per day without allowing the challenge to become overwhelming. Just get rid of the "stuff" that no longer is serving its purpose in our homes and our lives. Decrapify. Declutter. Delight.

Any adaptation of a "bag" is acceptable. The bags may actually be boxes, grocery bags, kitchen bags, furniture and even the clutter of an email inbox. The focus shouldn't necessarily be on the bags. Focus on eliminating all of the excess, unnecessary accumulation of clutter from a particular area each day.

While decluttering, not everything will be considered to be trash. Feel free to recycle and donate items to family or friends, have a garage sale, Freecycle, list on Craigslist or local Facebook selling/trade groups.

There are so many options and benefits to reducing and reorganizing in our homes. Get creative and get to cleaning!
There are resources, groups, and playlists, which I have found to be very supportive and inspiring. Let's share the #40BagsIn40Days Challenge with everyone we know!

Are you ready to join me and the #40BagsIn40Days Challenge? I'm here to help. Ask me any questions below in the comments!